Wedding Day Hair Styles

Wedding Day Hair Styles

We are often asked “how” a bride should begin choosing her wedding day hairstyle.  In all honesty, there is no specific answer. Your hair style should compliment your dress as well as your face shape. That being said, sometimes the style you like might not match your dress (as it might cover the details on the dress) or your face, so its always good to get advice from your stylist as he/she will know what suits you best! Below are some crib-notes on the most popular styles.

Popular Wedding Day Hair Styles

wedding day hair styles

  • Updo

This has quickly become a popular style for brides. Whether you style it high or low, this hairstyle lets the focus remain on your face, ensuring that nothing will get in the way on your beautiful day. It’s also a great way to add flowers or other adornments to your hair, and give that extra pop in pictures that helps compliment your dress.

  • The Messy Bun

If a whimsical, fairy-tale wedding is your dream, a messy bun may be the perfect updo for you. A messy bun looks effortless; as if it didn’t take you half the day to get the look and yet somehow you look perfectly put-together. This look is a great complement to a flowing wedding dress, and can make a wedding seem a little less uptight and formal.

To pump up hair and add more definition to the bun, try using a volumizing spray before you set your bun. This will give your hair some volume and thickness, while also holding the bun in place.

  • 1/2 up 1/2 down 

By far the most popular of wedding hairstyles, this look can be achieved a number of different ways. You can add in braiding or weaving, decorative pins, flowers, or hair accessories, or keep it simple and classy. This hairstyle also works well with straight or curly hair, and and can be left long in the back or pinned up in a half bun or braid, depending on the look you are going for.

  • All down 

Ideal for a summer or beach wedding, this hairstyle is simple yet breathtaking. It’s best for women who have medium length hair, and is a great style for fine hair, as it can easily add volume and thickness. All you need is a curling iron and hairspray, and you’ll be ready to dance the night away, (without having to worry about your hair!).

  • Side bun/ponytail 

This gives a modern twist to the traditional bun. The style suits most faces, and is great for those who like a bit of hair showing but still want it off their shoulder. It always looks really beautiful with a flower and is playful, young and fresh. You will want to consider which side your bun/pony is placed. Take into consideration any detail on your dress AND the side facing the guests during the ceremony.

  • Braids 

A fun braid is a great current hairstyle to try! This trend has been around for a while now, likely because of its feminine beauty and versatility. Whether you want a french plait, a braided crown, or a couple of braids woven into a hairstyle, there are endless possibilities.

  • Hair accessories 

As much as you want to rush out and buy everything you like JUST IN CASE you can wear it for your wedding day, STOP! Try going shopping after you’ve had your trial just so you know what to look for. Also, the style you thought you like may not necessarily be the one you end up having. We do carry a limited supply of items from Hair Comes the Bride or you can order from their Try Then Buy program. It’s a great way to try a couple of different accessories before committing!

Just one last thing, please be realistic! Everyone’s hair is different, so what you see in a photograph may not be right for you. Instead, your stylist should be able to do a version just for you so that it matches your features and dress so be open to suggestions and don’t stress about it! Have fun!

Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day

Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day

“When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think about luscious lips. What babydoll doesn’t want kissable lips for Valentine’s Day?  There’s nothing more seductive and glamorous than sexy red lips! That is, of course, if we take the right approach. No blue tints, no orange hints – using a TRUE RED lip color is the key!  But a good, true red lipstick can be hard to find so we hit the MAC counter to find the perfect shade.  We know, our job is sooooo hard!

MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick is one of the best “Reds” you could ever find. Matte, velvety and long lasting, it is a must-have in any makeup artist’s kit. Wonderful for Runway, and Bridal Makeup as well.


To stir things up, dress it up with MAC Lustreglass in LustreWhite. This will make your lips sparkle like crystal cherries! Or, for irresistible gloss and shine, glaze it up with MAC VivaGlam Lipglass in Rihanna. Your lips will glisten into the night!

Latest Trends in Bridal Hair Accessories

Latest Trends in Bridal Hair Accessories

Choosing the right bridal hair accessories can be the perfect way for any bride to enhance that special glow.

Jeweled Headpieces

Looking for a way to add a little sparkle to your wedding day look? Here’s what’s trending in bridal headwear this season from one of our favorite accessory suppliers – Hair Comes the Bride!

A touch of silver and sparkle is very much en vogue. It’s also a brilliant way to create a bridal look that is as unique as you.  

Foliage designs remain popular but have evolved to depict more natural elements such as hair vines available in both subtle and larger headpieces to create a more twinkly effect.

bridal hair jewelry trends

Silver forms the base for the most stylish designs, with the sophisticated glitter of pearls, crystals and beading adding wow-factor in the detail.

Faux Floral Options

Brides looking for a spring/summer, casual or beachy look will love the real-life looking flowers. What we love as stylists is that options are available as a clip or hair pin! 

Babydoll Weddings carries a limited variety in the Salon or we can special order pieces for your trial with two week’s notice. Simply email our Bridal Liaison or order directly from Hair Comes the Bride using their Try Then Buy program.

To see more beautiful accessories, from head pieces to hair combs, and discover pretty bridal jewelry too, visit Hair Comes the Bride

Hair Comes The Bride is here to help! You can build your own personal look book with pieces chosen just for you. Be sure to use the code BabydollWeddings10 to save 10% on your purchase.

What to Expect at Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

What to Expect at Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

Getting married is one of the biggest life events you’ll ever prepare for and becoming a bride is an incredibly unique journey for every woman. Your planning list seems endless and making sure that everything is done and perfect for your big day is often daunting and stressful.

How you look on the day is also paramount. All eyes are on you so it’s important that you choose what’s right for you and what makes you feel beautiful so that you have peace of mind as you walk down the aisle.

The Consultation and Trial

Your hair and makeup consultation and trial should ideally take place 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. During this consultation, our stylist will ask you a series of questions to gain an understanding of the styles you like.  Bring photos as we don’t always speak the same language! We will advise you about what will work best to accentuate your features and compliment your dress.  Your role is to have an open and honest relationship with us and to tell us what you think!

bridal hair and makeup trial

Just like you would bring your shoes and the proper undergarments to a dress fitting, you need to bring all the proper goods to your hair and makeup trial. Bring your veil, headpiece, flowers or barrettes to your appointment so you can see what they will look like with your hairstyle. Come with your hair prepped as you would have it the day of your wedding: preferably unwashed with little to no product as possible. Same for your face. Show up with a fresh face (moisturizer is okay).  We can provide makeup wipes if you are coming from work and applied makeup in the morning.  As with the hair, your stylist will ask questions regarding colors you normally wear and how you want to look on your wedding day.  Provide input and let us know if you don’t like something.  We can change it.

bridal hair and makeup trial

Depending on the hair style, we may recommend hair extensions to provide extra volume – even if you are entertaining an up-do.  We offer both rental and purchase options so that you can choose what works best with your budget.

What Does “Trial” Mean

It is important to note that a trial is just that – a time to see what you like and what you don’t like, what works and what doesn’t.  We will take notes and photos so that we can review them on your wedding day and use the same colors we used at your trial.  That being said, you may decide, upon getting home, that the red is a little too bright, or that you really do want the winged eyeliner your maid of honor decided is too dramatic.  It’s ok.  We are happy to make those adjustments to ensure you are the best version of you on this day!

On-the-day Preparations

We provide a tentative timeline with each and every invoice we send you.  This provides a snapshot of the timeframe it will take on your wedding day to style those you’ve contracted us to pamper.  We create this as soon as you secure your date so that we can catch any issues (i.e. you can’t get into the venue as early as we need to start) and adjust accordingly.  The timeline is finalized 30 days before the wedding allowing you time to communicate it to your bridesmaids and anyone else receiving services.  Making sure that everyone is ready to hop in the chair when assigned will ensure the day flows smoothly and keep us on track!

bridal hair and makeup trial


Wedding planning can become super stressful, especially as your day gets closer. Your wedding hair trial and wedding makeup trial is important, so kick back, relax, and be pampered! Go in with a positive attitude, bring a pal or your mom if you want to, and let yourself have a good time while you get beautified. Trust your inspiration and your stylist and you’ll leave nothing but happy!

{Real Bride Series}: Meet Sara & Jason

 This Real Bride Series edition introduces Sara and Jason. Read about their amazing proposal!


Our Love Story:

What is your name and your groom’s name? Sara and Jason

What was your wedding date? October 7, 2017

How did you and your groom meet? We met at work.

The Proposal

We are dying to know, how did he propose?! We took a trip to London last year and visited Wimbledon while we were there.  Jason proposed as we were posing for pictures at Wimbledon.

What were your wedding colors and why did you choose them? Our wedding color was marine blue. 

The Dress

Where did you find your dress? Would you say that finding your dress was relatively easy or difficult? I bought my dress at David’s Bridal.  It was a painless experience because the consultant was amazing!

The Location

Where did your ceremony and reception take place? Was there any special meaning behind the choice of the venue(s)? We selected the Dream Manor Inn in Globe, AZ.  The ceremony was outdoors and the reception was indoors. 

What kind of flowers did you have in your bouquet and at the ceremony/reception?  I chose hydrangea and roses for our flowers.

The Cake

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? Our wedding cake was lemon with vanilla bean and it was amazing!  Who doesn’t like wedding cake?!

What details from your wedding that made it unique to you? We chose a nature themed wedding which tied in wonderfully with the views and wildlife around the venue.

Did you provide favors to your guests?  If so, what were they?  We customized wine glasses with our names and filled them with mints.  The kids each received a treasure box with a glow in the dark bracelet, super hero mask, chocolate, and emoji stamps.

Other than marrying your husband, what was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day? We loved having our family together for our wedding.  They all flew in from the east coast and being able to celebrate with them made the day so much more special.


The Honeymoon

Did you take a honeymoon? If so, where did you go? We are planning to visit Italy at Christmas.

What is one piece of wisdom you learned from your planning experience that you would like to share with future brides? Spending can get a little out of control so definitely prioritize what you want to be the most important and limit everything else. For example, food & open bar were more important than spending money on chair covers so we decided to forego the covers.

Who were some of the other vendors that were a part of your dream team? Nora Green Photography
Pinal Mountain Flower Shop (Miami AZ)


Alan and Adrian: Wedding Flowers

Alan and Adrian: Wedding Flowers

Roses, peonies, ranunculus, freesia. There are so many flowers to consider for your wedding that something so exciting can be so overwhelming.  Add to this the fact that two guys, with no floral experience, are the grooms will take the definition of overwhelmed to a new level.  Here’s how Alan and Adrian found their perfect wedding flowers.

Wedding Floral:  Our Process

Q:  You are two guys planning a wedding.  Honestly, how important were flowers to you?

A:  Adrian and I wanted flowers but we wanted a masculine fee so we took a conservative approach to floral design.

Choosing a Vendor

Q:  You’ve said in previous meetings that most of your vendors were included in your Aldea package. Did your florist provide the options you needed?  Were you able to adjust your package based on your desire for a more masculine approach?

A:  Aldea had only 1 floral vendor to choose from when we first started looking at florists. That florist didn’t want to customize the floral package (we obviously don’t need a bridal bouquet or toss bouquet) and we felt the communication was delayed.  We struggled with how to move forward until Andy Castano joined the Aldea vendor list.  What a blessing.

Q:  How was Andy different than the vendor you had previously considered?

A:  His style is primarily boho-chic but he was very open to our ideas.  Andy also had no concerns about tweaking the venue’s pre-set package to better fit our needs.  He added boutonnieres and the other touches that we needed without flinching.  Even better, he stayed within our budget by suggesting alternative options!

Choosing Your Flowers

Q:  Alan, we love that you and Adrian like to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding.  Did this remain true for floral?  Will you share with us what florals you chose?

A:  Seeing that we are far from traditional we wanted to stay away from using a lot of roses.  We just didn’t want that stereotypical wedding.  Andy’s suggestions were amazing; he suggested that we use two different flowers – one to represent me and one to represent Adrian.  The men in my bridal party (including myself) will be wearing cymbidium orchids and Adrian’s side will be wearing peach freesias.  We asked Andy why he suggested those choices and his response was that the flowers were like our personalities – cymbidiums are loud and dramatic while freesias are more refined and sophisticated!

The Groomsmaid Bouquets

Q:  What about the girls?  What will they be carrying?

A:  My groomsmaids will carry bouquets featuring cymbidium orchids, stock, Asiatic lilies, blush gerbera daisies and alstromeria.  Adrian’s girls will have peach freesias, stock, Asiatic lilies, blush gerbera daisies, and alstroemeria. As a special treat, Andy wanted to get a photo of all our girls’ dresses because he wants to tailor each bouquet according to the style of each of their dresses Personal touches like this really made us feel that Andy wanted to make our wedding special.

wedding floral peach freesia

The Reception

Q:  Knowing that you wanted a more masculine approach to your wedding, did you choose floral for your centerpieces?

A:  We’ve chosen a minimalistic look for the cocktail hour and reception.  We added a few small peach flower arrangements to the lobby to help maintain the color scheme.  Our centerpieces are black candelabras with rose petals sprinkled around the base.  And, we’ve decided to repurpose the groomsmaid bouquets to dress up the head table.

Flexibility is Key

Q:  You have gotten engaged, found a venue, selected save-the-dates, invitations and attire for both of you and your parties, and chosen a photographer, videographer, caterer, baker, hair and makeup artist, florist and planned a honeymoon.  What was the most challenging step in the planning process?

A:  By far, picking flowers!  Adrian and I aren’t familiar with flower types and I’m colorblind so I had to learn what the shades of peach looked like.  Andy was able to simply things for us to easily understand. I’m glad we remained open minded because the end result is far different than we initially imagined but will be incredible!

Alan & Adrian: Eat, Drink and Party!

Ready, Set, Eat, Drink, Party!  This week Alan J. Tomasetti and Adrian Juarez sit down with us to dish about their reception so put your dancing shoes on because we are talking catering, cake and tunes.

Eat, Drink Party: Planning the Reception

Q:  Let’s talk food.  You are Italian and Adrian is Mexican.  Was it easy to select a menu for your reception?

A: Food is the centerfold of any Italian or Mexican household and we knew that we wanted high quality food, and lots of it.  Aldea has several catering options in their packages and the caterers come to the venue as part of Aldea’s open house at the end of each month.  This allowed us the opportunity to taste a variety of options.

We chose a buffet over sit-down because we wanted to provide more options to guests.  We narrowed our choices between Babbo Italian Eatery, and Mi Catering.  Mi Catering had a lovely variety of different cruise options and the flavor was amazing. We didn’t like the fact that they have a staff member serving food from behind the buffet.  We felt that would slow down the line.

Choosing the Menu

Q: What made Babbo a slam dunk option?

A:  Guests are given the choice of one appetizer, two salads, two pastas, two main courses and focaccia bread.  We were pleasantly surprised by the options and quickly scheduled a private tasting.

My mom flew in for a visit so Adrian and I each brought our moms to the tasting.  We sampled six appetizers, five salads, seven pastas, and eight main courses and, as you can imagine, took food home!  In the end, we chose mini meatballs in marinara and the pesto bruschetta for appetizers which are served during the cocktail hour, the roasted brussel sprout beet salad, Napa Valley salad, pasta primavera, three cheese mac and cheese, Tuscan chicken and asparagus fra diavolo.


The Bar

Q: That is a lot of food!  How about the bar?

A: We opted for the beer and wine open bar option, mostly because it was more cost effective.  Aldea offers several options and we chose chardonnay, pinot grigio, merlot and two domestic beers (Bud and Coors Light). We also added two specialty cocktails– the Mai Tai and peach margarita – both drinks we have enjoyed during our travels.  Adding a specialty ‘welcome’ drink, to kick off the cocktail hour, allows us to thank our guests for coming in a unique way.


Something Sweet

Q: We love wedding cake!  So, let’s talk dessert… Tell us about your cake.

A: Let’s face it…we are two guys getting married and we want our cake to be more masculine than traditional but we also wanted something impressive.  As a result, we opted for the four-tier option.  We designed two tiers in a navy quilt pattern accented with silver beads and the alternating two are solid with a dark grey ribbon at the base.  Peach orchids will accent in four strategic spots.

Q: What does your cake topper look like?

A: We decided to have our cake topper in script, but we wanted to have our first names instead of our last names. We custom ordered our cake topper from Chicago Factory on Etsy. Since the top of our cake is 6”, we wanted topper to be flush with the size and chose the silver paint on birch. We also got the option to have the removable pegs so we can display it on our mantle in the stand the company provided us.


Kicking it into High Gear:  Choosing your Entertainment

Q:  Let’s get our groove on!  Did you decide on a DJ or live music for your reception?

A: Adrian and I came to the conclusion that we needed someone that could bring people on the dance floor, keep everyone engaged, and make the evening a huge hit. Aldea has 2 DJ options, Push Play Entertainment, and Tony the Entertainer.

Push Play Entertainment has a lot of bells and whistles to make a reception look like a borderline nightclub but we didn’t feel like the DJ had the personality we were looking for.  After speaking with Tony for a few minutes, his outgoing personality really got us excited. He’s very flexibly with modifying the reception schedule since we’re not doing a garter/bouquet toss and tweaking various other games to suit us more. He’s been extremely responsive and amazing to work with.

Alan & Adrian: Save the Date!

In this issue of Alan & Adrian Get Married, we find out about their creative design for the Save the Date and Wedding Invitation.  Are you struggling with the overwhelming amount of choices?  Here is how Alan and Adrian navigated the numerous options and found the perfect design!

Save the Date

Q:  You mentioned earlier that you selected a wedding date over a holiday weekend so that your out of town guests would have more time to travel.  Did you send Save-the-Dates to give them advance opportunities to make their travel arrangements?

A:  We did.  We felt that our out of town guests would appreciate receiving a Save-the-Date well in advance of the invitation.

Q:  Did you go with a local designer/printer or did you use an online resource?

A:  We found so many websites and ultimately picked a travel theme card from Minted to match the theme of our wedding.  Minted was having a promotion during the time we purchased so we were able to come in a bit under budget as well.


Q:  Did you add any special touches to your Save-the-Date?

A:  We were sure to include our wedding website on The Knot so that the relevant information needed for travel arrangements was contained in one place.  We also ordered a custom wax seal from Nostalgic Impressions.  Adding that special touch to our envelopes made our announcement much more special.


Inviting Your Guests

Q:  Tell us about your invitation.

A:  We found the perfect invitation on Emdotzee.  Sticking with our travel theme, we designed an airline ticket syle invite.  The design included a folder that held directions to the venue, an abbreviated schedule, and information on guest attire, directions from the airport and RSVP info. The folder also included the ticket (invite) which included our details – date, time, location, and weeding website.  We placed these in silver envelopes and sealed them with our wax seal.


Regardless of whether you purchase your invitations from an online stationery store or have a custom design created from a local designer, make sure that your invites reflect the feel of your wedding and the love you have for each other.

Alan & Adrian: Wedding Attire | Balancing Tastes

In this issue of Alan & Adrian Get Married, we are getting the low down on wedding attire and hair and makeup services for the wedding day. How did two grooms navigate the overwhelming world of fashion?  Read on! 


Photo Credit: Mi Amore Photography

Shopping for Wedding Attire

Q: What was the first thing that came to your mind when you started thinking about attire? 

A:  Thank God we don’t have to go through the dress buying process that traditional brides do!  We simply needed to find a suit that complimented our wedding colors and that was not difficult at all!

Q:  Where did you buy/ rent your suits?

A:  We decided to rent all our men’s suits from Celebrity Tuxes & Tails. We saw them at one of Aldea’s open houses and they offered a variety of options and affordable pricing.  The rental packages even include shoes, which is an additional cost at many of their competitors.

Q:  Can you tell us any details about the suits you selected or is that a secret until the wedding?

A:  I decided on a navy suit and Adrian decided on dark grey; both suits will be accented with peach ties. Our groomsmen will be wearing a lighter grey suit accented with a black tie with the exception of my best man, Andrew, who will also be wearing a dark grey vest.  For a fun twist, we added Star Wars socks – my groomsmen will be the rebel alliance and Adrian’s will be the empire!


Shopping for Attendant Dresses and Jewelry

Q:  What did you find to be some of the biggest challenges when selecting groomsmaid dresses?

A:  Understanding the terminology alone for dress styles, necklines and fabric was daunting in itself!  Thankfully the girls were able to help make the decision easy.  We wanted to let them select certain design elements of their dress (like the neckline) while setting certain parameters for continuity. Ultimately, we decided that they will wear a navy, A-line style, knee length dress with silver/grey heels and each girl can select her own dress as long as it fits that criteria.


Q:  Are the girls wearing the same jewelry or can they express their personal style with accessories?

A:  My girls will wear the navy earrings that were part of their “will you be my groomsmaid” gift (see earlier post) and Aidan’s girls will wear Star Wars themed earrings!

Q:   Do you have any junior groomsmaids or flower girls?

A:  We have two jr. groomsmaids and flower girl and we wanted them to feel beautiful in their dresses.  Rather than going with the typical tulle style dress, we chose a navy foral lace dress.

Hair and Makeup

Q:  What was the most challenging part of choosing everyone’s attire?

A:  {Alan laughing} Hands down hair and makeup! We are two guys!  Trying to plan a wedding is tricky enough – I mean, we haven’t been dreaming about it since we were five – but let’s face it, our knowledge on hair and makeup is really limited. That’s when Aldea stepped in and recommended Babydoll Weddings.  We met them at an open house and the stylists were great about answering our questions about complexions, skin tones, hair types, etc.


Q:   What were Babydoll Wedding’s main selling points that led you to book them?

A:  One main factor is that they travel to the venue (or other location) where your party is getting ready.  That takes away so much stress in figuring out how to get everyone to and from the Salon while budgeting the right amount of time.  The package pricing is also very competitive and since we are gifting this service to our attendants, price and value was a huge factor.

Q:  Do you have one uniform look for the girls or are they selecting their own color palette and style?

A:  We are going with a natural look emphasizing the eyes not the lips.  Hair will be in a modified up-do, at the base of the skull, with wispy, romantic curls.  A few of our girls have shorter hair which will be styled with big curls.

Our girls suggested a trial so we booked one for four of the girls to make sure that our vision looks good on each girl.

Booking a Trial

Q:  How was the trial?

A:  It was beyond successful!  We arrived at the Salon and were surprised with glasses of champagne for everyone.  We shared our vision with the stylists the best we could – we are guys, after all – and showed a couple of pictures and they started styling.  The entire process didn’t take as long as we expected. Each stylist was so knowledgeable and they even offered styling tips to each girl. By the end of the trial, each girl was sporting the look we envisioned!

Q:  Was there anything about the trial that stood out?

A:  The stylists took photos of their finished work and also wrote various notes that they can refer back to on our wedding day.  That was hugely comforting knowing that they will have photos and notes to remember what they did at the trial.  I can only imagine how many brides and weddings they work with!


Q:  Babydoll Weddings offers services for men – specifically a face prep and hair services. Are you and Adrian getting any pampering done the day of?

A:  We are!  We are getting the face treatment which includes a no-shine service to ensure that we are matte and smooth for photos. 

Words of Wisdom

Q:  Do you have any advice you can offer our Babydoll Bride Tribe?

A:  Include your attendants in your decision process regarding attire.  They feel vested in knowing that they will be comfortable and look amazing.  Take advantage of the hair and makeup trial.  Babydoll Weddings has been nothing but exceptional to work with and they offer an array of services.  They take care of scheduling the staff and creating your hair and makeup timeline so you don’t need to stress.  Call them and thank us later!


{Real Bride Series}: Whitney & Jacob

This month’s Real Bride Series features Whitney and Jacob.  We love their story!


Our Love Story

What is your name and your groom’s name?   Whitney and Jacob Johnson

What is your wedding date?   September 8, 2017

How did you and your groom meet?    We are high school sweethearts!

We are dying to know, how did he propose?! He gathered both of our families for dinner.  It was very cozy and close-knit!

What were your wedding colors and why did you choose them? We chose our wedding colors based on our favorite colors; Jacob’s is navy and mine is burgundy. 

The Dress

Where did you find your dress? Would you say that finding your dress was relatively easy or difficult?  Believe it or not, I bought my dress on Offer Up and had it altered.  It was so easy and saved me a ton of money!


The Location

Where did your ceremony and reception take place? Was there any special meaning behind the choice of the venue(s)?  Lavender and Old Lace now owned by Wedgewood Weddings. I used to deliver ice there when I️ was in high school and the moment I️ saw it I️ wanted to be married there! 

What kind of flowers did you have in your bouquet and at the ceremony/reception?  We bought our flowers from Eco Flowers which are made from paper and are a forever keepsake.

The Cake

What was the flavor of your wedding cake? Our wedding cake was four tiers with each tier offering a different flavor.  From cookies and cream to lemon, we had everyone’s favorite covered!

What details from your wedding that made it unique to you? My little brother was my man of honor. Jake’s uncle was his best man. We had the coolest wedding party!

Other than marrying your husband, what was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day? My brother’s toast was hilarious, honest, and tear jerking! I️ honestly enjoyed hearing the funny stories I️ missed the following days! 

The Honeymoon


Did you take a honeymoon? If so, where did you go?  We spent the next day at talking stick getting massages and relaxing together! We would like to take a trip to Europe eventually but I️ will settle for a fun road trip.

What is one piece of wisdom you learned from your planning experience that you would like to share with future brides?  Schedule your wedding months or even years (3 and a half for us!!) ahead of time, and you will have so much time to have a clear vision in your head before you even start paying for everything. You can save and decide what kinds of these you absolutely need and things you can live without.

Who were some of the other vendors that were a part of your dream team?

Sue Jacobs Cakes

Wedgewood Weddings

Every Emotion Photography

Patriotic Fireworks

Got You Covered



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