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{Real Bride Series} Meet Renee!

This month’s Real Bride is Renee. 

How did you and your groom meet?
We met at a wine festival. Our friends were dating and introduced us.

We are dying to know, how did he propose?! 
He proposed at a restaurant that has become very special to us:Bobby’s Jazz Lounge in Kierland Commons. This is the location of one of our first dates as a couple and the place where we’ve celebrated all of our anniversaries while dating.

What were your wedding colors? Did you have an overall theme?
Rosewood and gray, romantic style

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Babydoll Weddings Beauty Secret: Applying Under-Eye Concealer

There’s nothing less satisfying than not getting those full 8 hours of sleep, and when if comes to planning your wedding, or just dealing with everyday life it can be hard. Thank goodness for the magic and wonders of concealer! Now you might be used to putting on your concealer by tracing a half-moon right on the dark circles under your eyes, but for a more seamless look try tracing a downward triangle. This way the bottom point reaches the apples of your cheeks and the other two points should reach the corners of your eyes. This trick helps you blend the color with the rest of your face while also highlighting your cheeks! Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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Real Brides

We love featuring our brides on our blog! We truly believe that every love story is unique and enjoy reading all the details that made your day so special. Over the years we’ve collected all these love stories and featured our brides here! Each story has inspired us and has swept us off our feet. Scroll down to see our full collection of real brides!

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Babydoll Real Brides:

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