Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Tips to get On Point Brows and Lips

When most fill in their eyebrows or when they apply lipstick they seem to only focus on what is inside and not so much the outside area. One of our stylist Anna has a fantastic tip to help highlight the lips and brows. She goes back and uses a little concealer or highlighting power with a flat round brush and goes under the brows to highlight their color and shape. She also takes a Q-Tip and cleans up the lips all to make sure they have that on point look!

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Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Benefits of Trials

As a future bride, you deserve to have everything perfect and go exactly how you want it to go! Our stylist, Amanda, has a great suggestion to help relieve future brides when it comes to their hair and makeup. Having a makeup trial is a great way to make sure you get your makeup the exact way you want it for your wedding. ¬†Amanda also suggests, after your trial spend some time in different types of light such as late morning, afternoon and evening. Take pictures of your makeup in the different lighting and you’ll be able to see how your wedding makeup will look throughout your wedding night!
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Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Color Your Eyes!

Babydoll Weddings Stylist Carina is no stranger when it comes to creating gorgeous color combinations for fearless eye makeup! She shares some words of wisdom with us today:

Never ever be afraid of color! There are no bad colors just bad uses of color or possibly bad associations of color (red + green= Christmas or blue eye shadow= Mimi from Drew Carey Show). If a color moves you, it can be worn on your face. Consider an “interference” shade (colors that are clear but reflect a certain color of light) or a sheer shade as opposed to the full opaque commitment. Nudes are great for their versatility but are at their best when they complement and accentuate a true color.

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Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Simply Slanted

Love the look of crisply lined eyes? Do you struggle with touch-ups after you created the perfect eye? 

Babydoll Weddings Owner & Lead Stylist Sabrina suggests that you try dipping a slanted brush in makeup remover. This will allow you to sharpen eyeliner, eye shadow and lip liner without the dome effect a Q-tip has! Brilliant, right?

Let us know what brilliant makeup hacks you have in the comments below or on Facebook!
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Babydoll Beauty Secrets: The Power of Nude Eyeliner

Amanda is fabulous when it comes to makeup and this week she shares with us how to achieve a wide eye look that can change your appearance from sleepy to alert in merely 3 seconds flat!

Everybody wants that wide eye look and many people will line their water line with a white liner to fake it. This can end up looking too harsh however. To accomplish a more natural look use a beige or nude colored liner! Simple, right? Let us know what other tricks you use to appear more awake in the comments below or on Facebook! 

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