{Real Bride} Meet Stormy!

This month’s Real Bride is Stormy. Her and her new husband got married
in November and I have to say how adorable of a couple they make!
Read more about their big day and
see how amazing she looked with that bird cage veil!

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What is your name and your groom’s name?
Stormy and Shawn

What was your wedding date?
Saturday, November 7, 2015

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{Real Bride Series} Meet Sarah!

Meet Sarah, our newest member of our Real Bride Series!

How did you and your groom meet?
We always ask people, do you want to know how I met him or how he met me. Yes… there is a difference. So here’s the full story.

It was my freshman year of college. It was the end of August and I was riding my bike to a chemistry study group in the library. I heard a girls voice above the crowd say “Do you want to come to Bible Study tonight?” I stopped my bike, I had been looking for a Christian club on campus so I went up to the table. I made eye contact with a boy, I felt sparks run down my spine. I definitely believe in love at first sight now. He introduced himself to me as Lucas and I met everyone else at the table. I went to Christian Challenge that night, Lucas and I started talking about why I cam to ASU and what I was studying. He was on the leadership team so he did what he was supposed to do, he introduced me to a girl that had stuff in common with me. He wasn’t at challenge the next two weeks. I looked though, I wanted to see him again.

The third week I looked back to where he helped out at the soundboard in the back and he was there! Turns out he was a sun devil rep at ASU where he helped get freshman connected at ASU. So as a part of that he had been taking them to the Thursday night football games. Well, that night he ended up in my small group. Most of the people in my group were new so he was introducing himself to them. Then he looked across the circle at me and went “Hi I’m Lucas, what’s your name?” my heart sank a little bit but I smiled and said “My name is Sarah, it’s nice to meet you.”. We spoke that night about how I had been home schooled for 10 years and how I had a Texas accent. We talked for about 45 minutes that night.

I signed up for the fall retreat with Christian Challenge. I had to go up a day late due to homework, but I walked into the NAU Christian Challenge a little after 9am at the end of October. The boys were up and waiting for the girls to come over from the building they were staying in. I sat down on the couch and a few minutes late Lucas sat down on the couch across from the one I was on. He leaned over and put out his hand “Hi i’m Lucas.” I smiled again and shook his hand “Hi, I am Sarah. It’s nice to meet you.”

Somehow we started talking about how I had lived in Japan. He got excited because he was half Japanese and his mom was from Japan. We spent the rest of the weekend together. He said he knew he liked me when that night we were playing capture the flag and my competitive side came out.

Nowadays he says that he was trying not to focus on girls that weekend. He was really trying to focus on his relationship with God, but I broke through that apparently… oops. Apparently third times the charm when it came to us meeting.
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{Real Bride Series} Meet Amanda!

Meet Amanda, our newest member of our Real Bride Series! 
How did you and your groom meet?
My groom, Kyle, and I met playing music at church. He worked at the recording studio on campus at the University of Arizona, and I was an aspiring singer-songwriter. We spent long nights playing music together and arranging songs I had written. We had an instant connection.
We are dying to  know, how did he propose?!
We were at his parents’ cabin in Payson. It was a quiet afternoon, and I awoke from an afternoon nap to see him kneeling down with the ring. He said, ‘You’re the most important person in my life, and I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?’ It was the biggest surprise, and of course I was so happy to say yes! He said, ‘It took me 5 minutes just to open the door and another 3 minutes to kneel down without making any noise.
What were your wedding colors? Did you have an overall theme?
Our wedding colors were blue and gold. I’ve always loved that rich lapis blue with the light champagne gold. Our overall theme was simple elegance (and whatever my mom convinced me would be best). I’ve never spent more time on Pinterest in my life. 
How large was your wedding party?
I have 6 bridesmaids and my husband have 6 groomsmen.
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{Real Brides Series} Meet Nichole!

Meet the newest member of our Real Bride Series, Nichole. Nichole and Brandon got married after dating for 10 years in February, 2015! The love birds met while working Cactus League in 2005 and the rest is history! Read more after the jump to hear all about their special day at The Clayton On The Park!

How did you and groom meet?
Brandon and I met in 2005 on my first day of work at a Spring Training sports bar, where he was also working at the time.

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{Real Bride Series} Meet Ashley!

Ashley is a sweet bride from Texas who married Garrett
at the Seville Golf Course in December 2014.
Their romantic ceremony was filled with many ethereal touches and
captures the essence of their love story perfectly.
Read more about the their special day below!
How did you and your groom meet?
The weekend after I graduated high school, a mutual friend of ours threw a graduation party for all of us. Garrett happened to be on leave from the Coast Guard and in Arizona at the time and decided to drop by to see his old friend. Our friend introduced us and we hit it off immediately. From that day forward we became really good friends and that friendship eventually turned into a wonderful relationship.
We are dying to know, how did he propose?!
We had planned a San Antonio weekend with some good friends of ours. On the second night, Garrett managed to get one of the Cinderella horse drawn carriages to take us on a ride through some of the historical sections of the San Antonio Riverwalk (seeing as I am a big history buff and love that kind of stuff). He had the carriage stop in front of the church that President Johnson married his wife in, under the rouse that we were going to get out and take pictures. He pretended to trip out of the carriage when getting out and turned around on one knee with my ring in his hand. After 6 years of being together, he still managed to completely surprise me and our good friends (who ended up being our witnesses at our wedding) were there to capture the whole thing for us.
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{Real Bride Series} Meet Heidi!

Heidi and her husband Mike are a modern day love story.
The pair met online and decided to have a fun wedding willed with all sorts of sports themed elements this past March! Read more about their heartfelt day below!

How did you and your groom meet?
We met on eHarmony!

We are dying to know, how did he propose?! 
Mike took me to Prescott at the beginning of a week-long trip. He had my ring wrapped up in a bag inside of a handmade shirt that was modeled after the football Jared commercial with a jersey with Heidi and the #1. The commercial means a lot being we love sports so much.
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{Real Bride Series} Meet Mandy!

Mandy and Jeff met by fate at a New Year’s Eve party… and the sparks haven’t stopped flying for these two! They were married in a joyful affair at Encanto Park Clubhouse! They mixed vibrant colors with their love of vintage Mexican elements!

How did you and your groom meet?
I met my husband at a New Year’s party over three years ago. I went to the bash with my best friend and from the moment Jeff and I met, I knew we had something special. He even gave me a New Year’s kiss!

We are dying to know, how did he propose?!
Last May, Jeff took me on a trip to California. We spent a day at Disneyland, and then went to the most magical boutique hotel in Los Angeles. He planned a trip to the Griffith Observatory where we had amazing views of the city. We found a secluded area where he with tears in his eyes asked me if I would be his wife. It was magical!

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{Real Bride Series} Meet Dana!

Dana and her love were married at the Gilbert Arizona Temple. They were college sweethearts who met in Idaho and had the most gorgeous winter wedding in January 2015. Read more below!

How did you and your groom meet?
We met at school in Idaho, my ex-roommate is his cousin. He came over to make pasta for her and her good friend. As he cooked for them, I came home from a date where I broke it off with another boy and announced when I came inside that I was done with boys. Then I saw him and thought maybe I had spoken a little too soon.


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