Romance, Class and Hints of Spanish Influence Styled Shoot

Here at Babydoll Weddings the work and play never stop! Among the busy wedding season we were invited to participate in a gown shoot for Arizona Weddings’ newest issue (on news stands). It was a treat to be able to work some of the best wedding professionals in the industry as well as being able to have fun with them at the drop party a few weeks later. We are so excited to feature some of our favorites from that shoot and being able to show off the marvelous work of our artists and of those of all the vendors that were a part of the team.


With inspiration taken from the Spanish Colonial mixed with soft pinks and greens and a touch of some classic elements made this styled shoot a joy to be a part of. If you are a bride with more of a classic taste but still wanting a touch of bright colors or is wanting more of subtle details than you will be in love with everything about this shoot! Read more below!

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Rustic Meets Romantic in this Styled Shoot!

As some of you may know the past three months for Babydoll Weddings has been quite hectic. With weddings, events and photoshoots; we’ve barely had time to breathe. Now we’ve been able to sit back, take a breath and dig into all of the newest issues of the magazines, look at all of the submitted wedding photos and the all of the gorgeous shots from the photo shoots. We have chosen our favorite shots from the photoshoot we were able to participate in for AZ Finest Weddings magazine at The Carefree Resort and we are so excited to share them with you!

Shots filled with deep oranges and soft pinks set against a beautiful backdrop of cacti and desert scenery made for a dreamy desert wedding. Delicate lace sleeves on a floor length gown and details of pearls and twine really made this styled shoot a mix of desert and romance. It was so hard to pick our favorites! Read more below and be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine today!

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A Desert Wedding Of Our Dreams!

We had the great privilege of being a part of a styled shoot at the CopperWynd Resort thanks to Arizona Weddings. It is such a wonderful thing to work with such talented and kind individuals in the wedding industry. StepOnMe Photography captured all of these gorgeous shots with a stunning backdrop of the McDowell Mountains and with details of desert plants, gold and a lace gown to die for; needless to say it is a styled shoot bursting with inspiration for a desert wedding.


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The Classic Look

Defining the bride classicSo now that you have the back story to the amazing photoshoot Babydoll Weddings did with Strut Bridal at Chateau Luxe I can now dive even deeper into the process, the looks and the creativity that we all put into this shoot. Since I feel that every look deserves their own this post will be all about one look and one stylist. And I don’t think everyone wants to read a 15 page post which is what would happen if all four looks were in one post.

7J5A4684We will start with the Classic look which was given to Micky. Of course as you all know before the shoot I created inspiration boards for the stylists to use to gain some idea what I wanted the outcome to be. Thanks to Pinterest and past brides I gathered pictures of what I felt looked like the classic bride. Of course when this was handed to Micky I made sure to tell her this is inspiration but please do what you feel will make your model, Megan, look like a classic bride.

With the help of Ashley from Strut Bridal we were able to pair the dresses to the looks prior to the shoot. Megan was wearing a stunning gown! A fitted champagne/ivory mermaid style gown with a ruffle bottom and lace details. It was so amazing and fit her perfectly! I have to say the ladies at Strut Bridal rock at fitting girls and dresses!

7J5A4675 (1)

And then comes Micky with all of her talents and experience and turned Megan into exactly what I expected a classic bride to look like! She used a dark red lipstick which made the ivory color of the dress pop! And then Micky pulled her hair back in a gorgeous bun and completed the look with the two details that screams classic bride to me; the veil and the pearls.  Absolutely in love! I am not talented in hair and makeup so being able to see an image you have created in your imagination come to life and be everything you wanted it to be a more; it’s a great feeling!

I’m sure I mentioned how excited I was to be able to book this shoot at Chateau Luxe and if not, I was very N44A8952-Editexcited to be able to have this shoot there. With the glamorous chandelier when you first walk in, the beautiful and unique rooms and all of that wonderful furniture and decor that fills the halls; it seemed like the perfect fit for this shoot! It was such a success and I’m so excited to continue sharing photos and experiences from the other stylists and models from this shoot!


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Photoshoot: Styled Shoot with Stacy!

We recently had the pleasure of joining Stacy from Stacy Poterson Photography at Soho63 for a beautiful styled photoshoot with models Josh and Elena!
Stylists Charly and Amanda did beautiful work utilizing Elena’s long hair for an up-do with braids and (more braids) and showcasing her beautiful skin tone with a great pink lip! Which complimented the beautiful floral arrangement from Hoot& Holler Soho63 had so many great backdrops and areas for photos so we decided to use them all! And we love the pictures that Stacy took, so much, we couldn’t pick just one. 

Credits: Hair and Makeup- Babydoll Weddings Wedding Gown- Suzanne’s Bridal Florals- Hoot & Holler Venue- Soho 63 Photography- Stacey Poterson Photography

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{Real Bride Series} Becky

What were your wedding colors?

Cream and burnt orange.

How many bridesmaids did you have?
Just one.

Where did you find your dress? Was finding the dress a difficult process or relatively easy?
I got my dress at David’s Bridal. I originally found the dress in a bridal magazine. However, it was kind of hard to find on a store.

Where did your ceremony and reception take place? Was there any meaning to the choice of venue(s)?
Both reception and ceremony were at the Phoenix Zoo. Ceremony was in the Savannah Pointe and reception in the Ruby House. Not so much meaning, as we wanted something unique and outdoors.

What flowers did you choose for you bouquet and throughout the wedding?
We had many different flowers in the bouquets.The main flowers were Gerber daisies.
What was the flavor of your cake?
The top flavor was pink champagne with cream cheese and the bottom layer was marble with fudge.

Did you provide favors to your guests? If so, what were they, and what was the meaning behind them?
We had a poem written on baskets to thank our guests for being apart of our big day and our future. The baskets were filled with different types of gummy and hard candies.

Is there a detail that you had at your wedding that makes it unique?
Everything we had was made by hand. Instead of having a guest book, I found a red rusted tin “R” and had all the guests sign it with a sharpie marker. This we have hung by our front door. We also took mason jars and lined the jars with glitter, then wrapped ribbon on the top and put candles inside so they would glow in the dark.

What was your first dance song? Was there meaning to the song selection?
John legend, it describes us well. We are not perfect but love each other

Any favorite moments that stand out in the day? We know the obvious is marrying your husband. 🙂 

We were married on my father’s birthday, which he also passed away on. So it was very special to me.

Did you take a honeymoon? If so where did you go?
No, we are waiting until next year.

What is one piece of advice you will leave for future brides?
Plan ahead. Don’t let yourself get stressed out.

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{Real Bride Series} Kelly

What were your wedding colors?

Mostly white with touches of grey and navy. I wanted something as timeless as possible so I dont look back in 30 years and think “What was I thinking?”

How many bridesmaids did you have?

8 I have a few great friends from every stage in life!

Where did you find your dress? Was finding the dress a difficult process or relatively easy?

Schaffers is where I ended up buying from, but I had 1 favorite there and 1 favorite at Uptown Bridal. I ended up going with the Schaffers dress because I felt it matched a bit closer with my personality, and love for large amounts of tulle. It was an easy process but EXHAUSTING. Even though you’re standing there or looking at gowns, I think it’s mentally draining and wears you out. On my main day of dress shopping we went to 3 places. I cried the moment I opened the drape to show my mom and MIL, but waited to buy until my second day so I knew for sure.

Where did your ceremony and reception take place? Was there any meaning to the choice of venue(s)?

Stonebridge Manor was the location for both. As an Arizona native, I LOVE that it looks NOTHING like the rest of Arizona. Huge trees, green grass, brick mansion, etc. I loved having the pool to serve cocktails around, the gazebo was the perfect location for the ceremony, and the tent had great acoustics for music and merriment

What flowers did you choose for your bouquet and throughout the wedding?

All white. Again with the classic feel. I don’t like flowers that seem too rigid (if that’s a thing), so I went with more fluffy flowers. Babys breath, hydrangea, loose garden roses, etc.

What was the flavor of your cake?

We had 2 cakes – the main cake was all white with a monogram on it, and tiers to look like it was covered in flower petals (which made it incredibly difficult to cut through since it was so thick! That cake had alternating layers of chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache and vanilla cake with a raspberry compote. We called our second cake a “bar cake” because grooms cake didn’t seem fitting. It was a University of Arizona cake, where we met. That one was the chocolate with the ganache filling.

Did you provide favors to your guests? If so, what were they, and what was the meaning behind them?

We did not, instead we held a second event for our guests. We’re more about making memories than little chotchkies. So our second night we rented out a double decker london bus that made trips back and forth from our hotel to Toby Keith’s I love This Bar. There we had a room rented and had drinks and food for our guests. Literally, the perfect night to follow up our wedding.

Is there a detail that you had at your wedding that makes it unique?(alternative guest book, charitable donations, handmade décor, etc):

The big thing we wanted for the wedding was a theme around “whimsical surprises”- the idea was that no one person would actually know how the whole night was going to go, because we all had something up our sleeves. I had my husbands favorite burrito place from San Diego brought in for his breakfast the morning of the wedding. A bit later he was given a collection of boudoir shots, and at the wedding his gift. He had a bottle of champagne, a photo of us, a bracelet, my wedding gift, and a photo of us waiting in my bride suite. My bridesmaids pulled together the MOST AWESOME toasting video, so they all had the opportunity to say something without taking too long, as well as a photo montage. We wrote our own vows, the bar cake was a surprise for my husband, and much more. Other cute touches- on my bouquet we had the pins of all my sorority sisters and I wore my husbands pin over my heart on the inside of my dress. My grandfather was the officiant, our “guest book” was to sign jenga blocks, and it was incredibly special to me to have my mom walk me down the isle. Before the wedding I gave her an engraved frame that said “out of all the walks we’ve taken, this one is my favorite” which is for the photo of us walking down together. Our MOH and best man are dating (they met at our engagement party), so they did their speech together, and both sets of parents did an incredible speeches as well.

What was your pick for “first dance” with your husband? Is there meaning to the song selection? 

Come Away With Me by Norah Jones. The song itself has just been “our song” since we started dating, but the real special portion was that my oldest friend Cammie sung it. It was perfect.

Any favorite moments that stand out in the day? 

Dancing with my grandfather. He and I were dancing together on the semi-crowded floor and once everyone saw that they left and everyone watched the 2 of us dancing- incredible. Another memory was my MOH mom and I standing together before we walked down the isle- having the most important ladies by my side right then was incredible. I’m also thankful for the Claddah bell. It’s an irish tradition that a bell is rang as the couple share their first kiss as husband and wife. When they argue in the future the bell is to be used as a truce flag- when it’s rang you’re to think about the first moment you heard it and the promises you made.

Did you take a honeymoon? If so, where did you go?

Fiji 🙂 We stayed on a small private island called Matangi which is home to the Horseshoe Bay. It was absolutely stunning!

What is one piece of advice you will leave for future brides?

I had a few scary crying moments prepping for the wedding – picking colors was ironically the hardest part, and it sucked when our original hotel “lost” our block of rooms. But other than that it was literally perfect. And I think it was so perfect because I didn’t sweat the small stuff. As the wedding day got closer I started divvying out tasks to anyone I knew (which my family and bridesmaids were prepared for), and they were happy to help in any way possible. 

Please list any vendors you wish to mention.
You guys for sure, LunaBear Studios Videography – LOVED these guys and would have used them for photography had we not needed to go with a location venue photographer- which ended up working out because I also loved Troy with Troy Brinkerhoff Photography. Also Schaffers, and Stonebridge Manor!

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