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This week’s beauty secret is one from the pro’s as well as a product suggestion from the pros. Micky, one of our dolls is the person I go to for all makeup tips and advice and questions; she is knowledgable and is always able to help me! I noticed the other day that my foundation is not staying matte all day like I prefer it. Instead my oily complexation is taking over and I’m not too pleased. So of course I went to Micky. She suggested spraying a foundation brush or a beauty blender (which ever you prefer to use in your routine) with a setting spray.

4c28160426d6ff70698839bedd7af507Her favorite is the setting spray by Makeup Forever (and I must admit I can see why. This setting spray has worked the best out of the other two I have used and keeps my makeup matte, just the way I like it.) but you can use whatever setting spray works for you.


Once the brush or blender has been sprayed go about using your foundation. By using the setting spray before applying foundation ensures it will be long lasting and also help with a more even complexion. You of course can use some after the application like the directions suggest but by using it before really makes it long lasting.


You can also use this trick with your eyeshadow brush. This definitely will help if your eyelids are oily and your eyeshadow or eyeliner likes to crease toward the end of the day (I will raise my hand because this is a huge problem for me But now fixed thanks to Micky). I am in love with this tip; especially now with it getting a little hotter out and having to make sure my makeup doesn’t run. With this trick I don’t have to worry!