Are you plagued by dark circles under your eyes that you cannot seem to get to go away? Babydoll Weddings stylist Micky has some tricks for you to combat them.

For people with severe dark circles (such as people of Indian descent, or black, purple, blue bags) first prep the eye area with an eye cream containing caffeine. This will get the blood circulating and will reduce some of the puffiness and intense darkness. Then, using either an orange lipstick, cream blush, or emollient cream shadow, correct the darkness under the eye. Clients may freak out about at first, but a quick explanation of Color Theory and the color wheel will but their fears to rest because ideally, they will cancel each other out. Follow this step with the correct color concealer, and boom! The dark circles are gone! This tip can be implemented into tattoo cover up as well as bruise concealing.