With all the wedding preparations have you lost some sleep? Are you now noticing that darkness under your eyes and wonder “how will I cover this up so no one can see them?” Did a little “friend” decide it wanted to join the party (a pimple)? Babydoll Weddings stylist Micky has the perfect solution for you! What you will need is simple, your original concealer and an orange or peach colored concealer will cover up those dark circles for you. You will only use a little bit of the orange colored concealer and mix it with your original color concealer and apply as normal. As for that pesky pimple, use a bit of the green concealer mixed with your original color concealer and also apply as normal. You will be amazed at how the combination of those two concealers will help you look awake and fresh for whatever you have coming up that day! Try it and let us know how it worked for you.