Straight from our make-up stylist April’s mouth!

Here are some tips on choosing the best eyeliner to suit your style… whether it be for a fun night out or what you would like as daily wear.

  • Pencil liners are best for creating soft, natural line and are great for blending into a smokey eye.
  • Cream (pot) liners are pretty versatile. It can go on bold or very fine, depending on the size of the brush you use to apply. Its great in creating a cat eye or pin-up look and normally has the best longevity through the day or night.
  • Liquid liner is best for major drama, and like the cream liner, is great with making the cat eye. I would normally apply a pencil liner to the eye up to the edges and then finish it off with a liquid to give a fine tapered edge.
  • Powder liners can bring definition to the waterline. Can be used with a wet or dry makeup brush. Powders are also great in conjunction with any of the above to set your liner or smudge into a smokier look!
Do you have beauty tips that you think the rest of us are missing out on? Share them below in the comments!