Trish shares with us tips for picking the perfect foundation and how to make it flawless!

With so many types of foundation on the market sometimes it can be tricky to identify what type is the best for you. First of all never settle for a shade that doesn’t match. A lot of times with very fair skin and very dark skin certain brands only offer a limited variety, but with as many brands as there are there is no need to settle for the “lightest one that they have” or “the darkest one that they have”. Try different brands until you find the best match.

Liquid and cream foundations are great for dry skin. You defiantly want something that will lock moisture into your skin. If you don’t want that glossy finish that comes with liquid foundation, you can always use a translucent powder to give you a matte finish. If you are looking for more coverage, then the best choice for you is to use a cream foundation it is going to be thicker. If you don’t like the feel of cream foundations, another trick is to use a full coverage foundation. Liquid foundations will always have a slight to sheer coverage. To blend in any areas you where you may want a little more coverage, you can always use a tinted powder as well. Just make sure you also use a translucent powder to even out the shine!