694e43bca75052a5f510883fb6b12a66You may be focusing on keeping in shape and eating healthy for your big day as well as being bikini ready for the honeymoon! While your body needs all of those excellent and healthy foods there’s also another part that needs them too; your hair! Certain foods hold super powers sort of speak that not only help you be and feel healthy, they can also help your hair (and skin and nails) be and feel healthy as well! Below is a list of the top 5 best foods to start eating a few weeks before the wedding day for luscious locks and healthy insides!

1. Eggs
Eggs have a great source of Biotin (an important B vitamin) that helps hair grow long and strong. But do not skip the yolk, the yolk has all of the nutrition so make sure not to skip out on the most important part of the egg!

2. Salmon
Salmon is filled with omega 3 fatty acids that can help hair stay shiny, hydrated and nourished which is exactly what you’re looking for on you

3. Lean Protein
Hair is made of protein so when there is a lack of protein in the diet the body will start to ration what’s left of the protein which can lead to hair loss. Stop the loss by incorporating good lean proteins into your diet such as grilled chicken and lean turkey. These lean proteins will also give you the iron needed for healthier hair as well!

4. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants that can aid in scalp circulation which can help in hair growth. Such an easy veggie to incorporate into your meals. Throw some in salad or on a sandwich or my favorite; adding them to a cold pasta salad!

5. Bell Peppers
Bell Peppers are probably one of my favorite veggies. Great with hummus or sautéed for a great stir fry and great for your hair! They offer tons of Vitamin C (even more than oranges) which prevents hair from having a brittle texture and can also prevent breakage. Vitamin C is also crucial for iron absorption so while you’re enjoying your lead proteins make sure to add some bell peppers into the dish to really benefit from what you’re eating! 

A bride who feels her best looks her best and I’m sure these five foods
will not only make you feel good they’ll also help your hair feel good!