Thank goodness for our make-up artist April and her beauty secrets. Here is one we all will love!

Everyone has had that awkward moment when you give someone a big squeeze and leave make up on their shirt. Eeeek! One of the best ways to keep makeup in place, aside from a primer of course, is using a makeup setting spray such as “Urban Decay All Nighter”. But even a small bottle can be pretty pricey, so why not make your own? 
Here is what you need:
 – 1 small spray pump bottle- find it at Sally’s Beauty supply
 – 3 parts part Filtered water or Rose water
 – 1 part Glycerin or Aloe-find it at a drug store such as Walgreens or CVS
(If you’re using a 4 oz bottle add the following: 1 oz glycerin & 3 oz rose water)

And that is it, can you believe it? Use a few sprays after you’re finished applying makeup! Because of the dilution and the light application, it will not be sticky or uncomfortable, and will help to create a barrier between your make-up and all the many causes of smudges and smears. 

Be sure to shake before each use, and keep in the refrigerator. With no preservatives it can harbor bacteria. Re-make mixture every 2-3 weeks to keep fresh.