Is your skin dry during winter? Try these tips from Babydoll Weddings stylist Charly to soften and moisturize your skin in these cold temps!

1) Rough and extra-dry skin often occurs typically on the upper arms. Use a lotion with a salicylic acid that exfoliates dead skin which will noticeably reduce appearance of bumps.

2) Rather than repeatedly washing hands with soap and water which dries out skin faster which results in chapping and patched hands. Welcome wipe-off soap free cleansers and/or hand sanitizers alcohol free but when washing hands utilize a moisturizing soap free cleansers or hydrating anti-bacterial gel. Don’t forget to lather a generous amount of lotion on after washing hands.

3) Wearing cotton gloves over creamed/ lotioned hands for an hour can soften skin. It acts as a barrier by trapping moisture.

4) By adding honey to your scrub will reduce inflammation and sugar increases circulation, apply this to stubborn dry patches on elbows and knees. Helpful during winter season when skin is deprived of moisture.

5) To moisture your skin, try 12%lactic acid lotion apply on arms and/or legs. If your skin looks scally we recommend taking a milk bath this does not only drastically moisturizes but exfoliates the skin resulting in smoother skin.

6) Before bedtime gently buff calluses with a pumice stone or hydrating scrub after buffing apply a thick buttery moisturizer while feet are damp. Wear socks overnight. Resulting in smoother and softer feet.

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite way to combat winter dryness is!