Your lips are an important part of your face. Babydoll stylist Amanda is sharing with us today just how to make them completely kissable, just in time for New Year’s Eve! 

First, you can make sure they are nice and soft with a simple lip scrub. Mix together a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, and 1 teaspoon of honey. With your finger massage roughly a silver dollar size amount of this on your lips for 1 minute and then wipe off with a damp paper towel. Now your lips are already for vibrant color!

Start by making sure your lips are moisturized. Next, use a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick and fill in the entire lip, this will make sure your lip color stays on longer and doesn’t feather. Apply your lipstick as you normally would and then use a concealer brush with some concealer or foundation to go around the edges of your lip, making sure to blend. This will clean up any edges and also add some dimension to your lips. Now it’s time to take your perfect bright lip out on the town! 

Happy New Year’s Eve!!