Babydoll Beauty Secret: Water Love Babydoll Weddings Lead Stylist Micky shares with us some important reminders on the benefits of water: So we all know keeping ourselves hydrated is important especially here in AZ, but in preparing for your wedding its extra important! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and using a good moisturizer to help your skin stay smooth and have that natural glow. Your makeup will apply that much better and look even more flawless if your skin is hydrated. Don’t keep this secret to yourself 😉 Share it with your bridal party as well!

Great reminder, Micky! If water is boring to you, why not put a little flavor into it? Try adding in some cucumber or lemon slices to a pitcher and let it steep overnight.  Ever tried pepper water? You know those packs of little red & yellow peppers you find at the grocery store? Put those whole into a pitcher of water and the flavor is unique & zippy! You might love it so much you will serve it at your wedding too! 
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