“I have been in the events industry for just over 12 years now and have owned CBAB for four years. I never planned on running my own business but I love it! I’ve always loved a good party, even as a child. Seeing all the details and watching things come together brings me such joy. When I left corporate America, it just was a natural transition. Who knew I could be one of the lucky ones and do what I love for a career? Now I get to be involved in couples¹ special days, from when they decide on their colors to when the final guest heads home. Every detail is important to my clients; I¹m honored to use my skills to bring their unique visions to life. Anyone who knows me or my company knows that I treat all of my clients like family because they are! When someone signs a contract with any of the CBAB planners, they are inviting us to be a part of one of the most special days of their lives. Regardless of if it¹s for a wedding, an anniversary party or a proposal, we don¹t take the opportunity to be a part of these moments lightly. We make it very clear to our clients that they are important to us and will continue to be important to us after the last guest leaves and all of the confetti has fallen.

Our clients are a part of the CBAB family for life and we are blessed to be a part of their lives as well.  I have surrounded myself with some of the most talented and loving women that the Phoenix market has to offer. We all work hard when we play and are playful when we work. Whether it¹s a Sun Devil, a glamour girl, a dog mommy or a craft beer expert, we have a little of everything on our team! As everyone who does events can tell you, in the anxious excitement before an event takes place it¹s important to have someone who knows you well enough that they can read your mind and jump in when help is needed; that¹s what our team does for each other. We trust each other and can lean on one another, both at events and in real life.”

Thank you so much Amy for lovely post about you, your company and your love of making a future’s brides’ dream come true! And we love the pictures!