Humor has recently transcended into wedding tradition. A small prank here & there,  a little laugh in the ceremony to calm your nerves in the midst of such a serious moment. No big deal right? For one bride it ended up being a very serious matter indeed.
A bride was about to marry the love of her life at a beautiful castle in Styer, upper Austria when she made a joke that backfired, causing the officiant performing the ceremony to refuse to finish. The bride jokingly said “I don’t” in response to the question “do you take this man…” before quickly correcting herself during the ceremony. The officiant had to stop the wedding due to a law. An Austrian law intended to prevent forced marriage, states that if either party replies to the key question in a negative way, the wedding is immediately stopped and cannot be rescheduled for a further 10 weeks.

The bride said: “We had to send all of our guests home and now we have to wait until March before we can try again… In retrospect it was probably not so funny.” 

We think it was pretty funny, what are your thoughts?

Story source: Metro UK