{Bridal Portraits} Laurie

In this week’s Bridal Portrait Series, we are featuring our brown eyed girl Bride Laurie.  Laurie is seen wearing a sweet lacey gown with simple accessories, including some fun lace-boots, perfect for a country chic wedding.
Babydoll Weddings Lead Stylist Micky shares with us how Laurie’s makeup look came to be:
Laurie was looking for a natural smoky eye, so I decided to use a variation of browns from light to dark to help enhance her beautiful big eyes. I wanted to keep her lipstick natural as well but added a little more of a darker pink to give her some color.

Please enjoy Laurie’s Bridal Portrait Session:
Hair & Makeup: Hair by Sabrina, Makupe by Micky at Babydoll Weddings
Photography: Simply D Photography

{Bridal Portraits} Sabrina

Our Bridal Portrait Series continues this week as Babydoll Weddings Owner & Lead Stylist Sabrina shares with us how she gave gorgeous bride Sabrina (yup, Sabrina meet Sabrina!) two looks as different, and as mesmerizing, as day and night. 

Sabrina’s first look: I really wanted to show off Sabrina’s long healthy hair so we decided to leave it down with soft curls. This dress was perfect with her skin tone so I kept the makeup very soft and natural so the dress would still accent her skin tone and not let the makeup over power.

Sabrina’s second look: It was time to have some fun! With a dress like this I had to make sure she was wearing the dress and not the other way around. Playing up the fun peacock colors in her eye shadows and adding two layers of false eyelashes matched the drama of the dress. Since the dress had so much texture I wanted to match that with the hair so I created texture by doing a fish tail braid instead of just a regular three strand braid. She worked it!

Enjoy Sabrina’s Bridal Portrait Session:
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Photography: Elvis Castillo 
Floral Designer: Jack and Jill’s Flowers

{Bridal Portraits} Hailey

The next bride to share with you in our Bridal Portrait Series is our beautiful bride Hailey. Babydoll Weddings Lead Stylist Micky shares with us a bit about the looks and styling she chose for Hailey’s session:

Hailey’s first look: The dress was so beautiful and intricate that I wanted to show off the dress as well as give Hailey a classic look. So I did a variation of a braid on the backside of her head and manipulated it to look like multiple braids. As for her makeup, again I wanted to keep it classic so I went with natural colors with a bit of plum to enhance her beautiful green eyes.

Hailey’s second look: To show off Hailey’s gorgeous long hair, I decided to go with a half up half down hairstyle with side swept bangs and beautiful curls. To help accent the dress I added turquoise jewelry and some dimension into her eye makeup. Adding these features created a great look for her outdoor pictures.

Hailey’s third look: This dress had Hailey’s name written all over it! It had lots of attitude and flare. With all the sparkle on the dress I kept her makeup a bit more matte but couldn’t help but add a hint of blue shadow to her smoky eye to tie everything together. As for her hair, a fun and messy updo was in order!
Please enjoy Hailey’s Bridal Portrait Session:


Hair & Makeup: Micky at Babydoll Weddings
Photography: Elvis Castillo 

{Bridal Portraits} Aurora

Bridal Portrait sessions are one of our favorite types of shoots to participate in.  It’s a chance for the bride to get dolled up, just as she would on her wedding day, wear a pretty dress or two, maybe the one she will marry in, be in a relaxed setting, and to simply enjoy herself in her dress.  
Our Bridal Portrait series begins with lovely Aurora.  Babydoll Weddings Owner & Lead Stylist Sabrina gave Aurora some glamorous looks, both different from the other, yet all together stunning!  Here is what she had to say:

Aurora’s first look: we fell in love with Aurora’s dress, it was so elegant and just fit her like a glove! She wanted to keep her look soft and romantic so her hair was pinned back with tendrils hanging down. My favorite thing to accent bridal hair with is the flowers from their bouquets and she was willing to part with a few flowers. (no one would ever notice they were missing) 🙂

Aurora’s second look: this dress screamed editorial so I consulted with my bride and asked how daring she was willing to be. I got the okay on the hair, but she wanted to keep the makeup not so crazy – I completely agreed. Her hair was a what we called a braid-mohawlk. I was so happy with how it fit the fun of the dress and made her stand out as not just any bride walking down an aisle, but a bride in a magazine.

Behold Aurora’s Bridal Portrait Session:

Hair & Makeup: Sabrina at Babydoll Weddings