{Friday Wedding Fail} Cake Fails

A little humor for you this Friday: Cake fails! 

We have to laugh at things that have happened at weddings around the world.  Cakes can easily be over looked.  Here are some examples to always be sure to double check the work before you accept & pay for your wedding cakes! 
Enjoy the good laugh! 

Apparently this cake decorator did not get the memo the requested cake was for a wedding, but for a weeding your garden party?! 

This baker was clearly on auto-pilot to include the (bride)…where’s the quality control manager here?

Yikes! I see where the intention was, but wowzers! This bakery went in over their heads! I see the hand in the image, possibly attempting to fix? Not sure it would help, just hack the cake up into bits and nobody will know that it looked like this!!

Pretty and clean design…yet serious oversight on a simple message that is one of the most used worldwide! Someone had humor, possibly, and then someone didn’t pay attention that they, were again, on auto-pilot! 

Don’t fall victim to a cake fail at your wedding, dear friends! Have a great Friday and fabulous weekend ahead! 
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