Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Combating Chlorine Hair!

Stylist Carlee has a tip this week for all you pool mermaids out there!

Since it’s hot outside and everybody will be swimming, put a deep conditioner or at least get your hair wet with regular water before getting in the chlorinated water.This will help your hair from absorbing as much chlorine and help keep your hair from drying out!

Any tricks that we should know? Share below in the comments!

{Stylist of the Month} Carlee

 Read on to learn more about Carlee’s fun and interesting self!
What is your one must have accessory, that you cannot leave the house without?
I cannot leave the house without my lipstick. Without it, even if it’s just a simple color, I feel naked.

What is your favorite color?
 I go through phases where I love different colors, but it seems like blue is my constant.

What is your favorite flower?
My favorite flower is Birds of Paradise for two reasons. One, they were my grandmothers favorite. Two, they remind me of Hawaii which is my happy place.

What is your music preference? Any particular bands or singers you are loving this moment?
 I love lots of music. Classic answer, right? I think overall I am into alternative, indie type music. 

Any interesting reads that you can’t put down?
I love to read anything and everything! There’s no way I could narrow it down to one book.

Any funny nicknames people call you?
Most my friends and family call me “Car Car”. And then that gets shortened down to  just “Car” a lot. 

When you aren’t in the salon or at weddings making brides pretty, what do you enjoy doing?
I am outside! Hiking, mountain biking, swimming, running, boating, playing sports, anything exploring outdoors. I love spending my time with my husband and our families. 

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? Will you be going back?
This is the hardest question, but I guess I’ll go with Fiji. I was able to live there for a summer and really got to know the culture and people and I completely fell in love with the beautiful island.

What was the last movie you saw?
The last movie I saw was Frozen with my nieces and nephews, I’ve now seen that movie way too many times.

What is your favorite nail polish color?
How do you chose one? I usually go with some shade of pink.