Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Farewell to Dark Circles! You Will Not Be Missed!

f159dcad12ec63407bf87edbd6874c31With the holiday season behind us and now all the gatherings and get togethers are over we can focus on getting back on our normal routine. But I know for me there is one new beauty routine I need to add to my regime and that is covering the dark circles that have formed. Micky has a fantastic way to solve my problem! She suggests in using an eye cream with caffeine to help get the blood circulating. It will also help reduce some puffiness and intense darkness. Then she says and yes it sounds weird but use an orange lip stick or cream blush and blend into the skin to correct the darkness and then the dark circles are gone! I can say that this tip works very well and it has made me look more alert and bright eyed!

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Avoid The SPF Glow

For darker skin clients who still like to wear sunscreen, Sabrina suggests using a tinted setting powder or bronzer with an SPF of 25 or higher will ensure the client’s completion does not react to the flash of cameras, yet allows them to have their sun protection. (SPF under your makeup will reflect and make you look washed out). This works for fair clients as well!