Babydoll Weddings Beauty: Exfoliate Your Elbows for Smooth Summer Skin

Exfoliate Your Elbows for Smooth Summer Skin

Exfoliate Your Elbows for Smooth Summer Skin 3

The Arizona heat can dry out your skin leading to painful, cracked areas – especially elbows and heels.  Soothe dry skin on your elbows by exfoliating and following up with a good moisturizer.  Elbows are often forgotten so be sure to exfoliate your elbows for smooth summer skin. During summer, they are exposed to the sun and heat while in winter, elbows suffer as skin dries out and rubs against heavy coats and jackets. Unfortunately, many of us only think about our elbows when they are cracked and hurting. By exfoliating you elbows weekly you will keep skin smooth and healthy looking.

Scrubs for Exfoliating Your Elbows

Use exfoliating scrubs to slough off dead skin and reveal the younger skin underneath. Homemade scrubs are easy to make in a few minutes, or pick one up from your local beauty store.  Exfoliate Your Elbows for Smooth Summer Skin 2

  • Sugar Scrubs – For an at-home sugar scrub, combine olive oil and brown sugar in a small bowl. Two drops of essential oils will give the scrub an uplifting scent and moisturize your skin. Apply the scrub in the shower to damp elbows. Rub the scrub into your skin for one minute, then rinse.
  • Salt Scrubs – Rub bath salts into the moist skin of your elbow for a good exfoliant. Rinse away the scrub after about a minute. Do not use salt scrubs if your skin is extremely dry or if you have cuts, scrapes or just shaved as the salt may sting.
  • Microdermabrasion – Use your facial microdermabrasion kit on your elbows. Squirt or scoop out a dime-sized amount of the exfoliating liquid onto your fingertips. Rub the microdermabrasion exfoliant into your skin. It will only take a few seconds to remove the dried skin, so use caution.

Tools for Exfoliation

If you don’t have any scrubs on hand, an exfoliating tool along with some soap or gel will get the job done just as well.

Loofah – Rub the area with a handheld loofah sponge. Squirt a little soap on your sponge and lather it up. Rub the elbows with the loofah sponge in a circular motion for about 90 seconds as too much exfoliation can damage skin. Only loofah your skin once a week.

Exfoliate Your Elbows for Smooth Summer Skin 1

Netted Scrubie – Squirt your favorite shower gel or soap into a wet netted scrubie. Rub across the elbow area until suds appear. A netted sponge is gentler than a loofah so you can use it daily. Be sure to hang your netted scrubie to dry to avoid bacterial growth.



Moisturizing Elbows

After exfoliating your elbows, add moisturizing lotion or oil to the area. Look for moisturizers that contain Vitamin E, Vitamin A or aloe for maximum moisturize protection.

  • Lotion – A moisturizer lotion with hydroxyl acid will encourage skin to renew itself. Avoid using lotions with alcohol-based fragrance as these can dry out your skin. Apply lotion to elbows daily.
  • Oils – A scented oil like massage oil, olive oil or even baby oil will keep elbow skin flexible. Apply oils to elbows before bed and follow with a lotion for added moisture.

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Don’t Forget Your Elbows! They Need Love Too!

Woman applying body lotion

“Elbows are often neglected in personal care procedures, just because they are not directly visible in the mirror. However that does not make them any less important. This part of the arms should be thoroughly cleaned and nourished regularly” says stylist Sabrina. Now that we are all aware of your elbows and realizing it’s winter and thinking of how dry our skin gets; here are some tips to help get your elbows looking good and feeling soft!

Using a sponge-stone or scrub mask before taking a shower. Once the skin starts to soften apply the greasiest cream you can find. By doing this routine regularly will help keep elbows soft no matter your age. You can also go the cosmetic route by using creams containing vitamins A, E and F or almond oil and herbal extracts. Regularly using these types of cream before bed will help maintain smooth elbows. Essential oils are also great for soften dry and rough elbows by either adding them to your bath or heating the oil and soaking your elbows for 15 minutes. But do not use these creams or oils if your elbows are crack or irritated. Only use for dry rough skin. And of course, the main key is regular TLC!

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Love your elbows!

Elbows are often neglected in personal care procedures, just because they are not directly visible in the mirror. However that does not make them any less important. This part of the arms should be thoroughly cleaned and nourished regularly. Stylist Sabrina is here to explain how to pamper your elbows into perfection.

If your elbow skin is dry and rough, you should scrub it with a sponge-stone or a scrub-mask before taking a shower. When the skin starts to soften, simply apply the greasiest cream you can find. Regular scrubbing and nourishing in the elbow area guarantee softness and smoothness of the skin regardless of age. 

Cosmetic products: When choosing elbow care cosmetics note the ingredients they contain – plant extracts, oils, vitamins, etc. Most are suitable for daily use and elbow maintenance is hand lotion containing vitamins A, E and F, almond oil and herbal extracts. Apply nourishing lotions before going to bed at night, but refrain from them if you are about to go out. Once a week treat your elbows to a bath of warm essential oils. Corn, olive or sunflower oil can give a quick and lasting effect. Simply heat the oil to a comfortably warm temperature, pour it into a small bowl and soak your elbows for 15 minutes. 

Caring for your elbows with the help of nature: Exotic fruits can be very effective in caring for your skin. Halve a grapefruit or lemon and rub your elbows directly with the fruits without even peeling them. Follow up with application of oil or lotion of your choice. Lemon acid works as a natural scrub, making the skin soft and smooth. Do not use this if the skin of your elbows is cracked or irritant. In such cases, use oils and lotions only. Combine equal amounts of glycerin and vinegar and apply mixture to elbows. While too strong for other places where the skin is softer, this combination is suitable for the rougher skin of the elbows. You can also use a corn starch soak bath to smooth the skin and make your elbows permanently soft. The recipe is extremely simple – just add one teaspoon of corn starch to one cup of water, mix thoroughly and dip elbows in mixture for at least 15 minutes. Afterwards wash elbows with warm water and apply nourishing lotion to the moist skin. This soak bath also has a great effect on treating cuticles. 

Aromatherapy for elbows: Combine 50ml of unrefined avocado oil with 5 drops of an aromatic oil such as orange or sandalwood. Apply the mixture to elbows three times a day. As a result of this procedure, elbow skin becomes smooth and elastic. To have a lasting effect, rub the problem area with avocado twice a week. This will also remove the dead cells. 

Do you have an additional tips on keeping your elbows smooth and sexy? Please share your beauty knowledge in the comments below!