Best Man Fail!

Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this one! Those poor things! This best man may have just been uninvited to the reception….FAIL! What do you think, should he be able to come to the party?

Ring Bearer Fails!

Listen bridesmaids, when you think you have it bad with your dress and you are not excited about wearing it, you could be this poor cute little guy…

Even though this is apparently a few decades ago, we are not sure this was ever a fashion “yes”!

Or how about this little guy, he is either really sleepy or perhaps doesn’t like his job duty for this wedding!

Cake Fails!

After doing wedding cake tastings and picking the perfect cake, it turned out beautiful?

 and then….. 

Don’t worry this couple can work through this small mishap! And they are smiling again!

At least the previous couples turned out beautiful in the first place! And it looks like they have a great clean up crew!

You could have ordered one of these…

A little wedding cake lean! Surely no one will notice!

Not quite but kinda close…..

Words of wisdom after this Friday fail, you get what you pay for! Pay a little extra and get the cake you love!

Pier Fail!

Wedding pictures are what keep the memories of you day last forever! Look how great this wedding party looks!

And the smile on this bride’s face…..priceless

Wait for it…..

And down they go! Oh no! The hours of prep time, and the wedding dress! Yikes, this poor wedding party didn’t see this one coming! 

No worries though, everyone is okay!

Better dry off and get ready for the reception!

Misspelled Fails!

Did you know that at some ceremonies you get money? Well at this one you do anyway!

It looks as though whoever created the “ceremoney” announcement also popped the big question!! 

Either way one thing to remember is…

Picture Fails!

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Friday Fails –  funny wedding fails that we like to point out here on the blog! 

Topping the charts for 2014 this pic that perhaps she wishes the photographer wouldn’t have captured!

Or perhaps this cute engagement pic that went wrong! Eeeeek…..

Here is to a great year of wedding pictures!!