Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Perfect Tips for Perfect Lips

dab57c064e926aa47a7abd0f7a3589ecWedding season is here and we could not be more excited; especially with all of the fun spring makeup trends. Because one of them is a big bold lip we wanted to share with you on how to keep those lips smooth from morning to night. Perfect tip for your wedding day or a night on the town! Start by prepping your lips with a lip scrub. You can use a store bought such as Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish or there are plenty of DIY recipes out there; either or scrub works great! Next you’ll want to apply some hydrating balm or serum to those lips! One of our personal favorites is MUFE’s Hydrating Elixir (it can be used for eyes or face). Next comes the lip primer. This will give your lip product something to adhere to other than your lips. Then continue with your liner, lipstick and or gloss. And lastly and also incredibly important, blot. And to give the lips a crisp clean outline follow with a clean blended line of concealer in the cupids bow of the upper lip and under the bottom lip.  Perfect tips for perfect lips!


Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Tips to get On Point Brows and Lips

When most fill in their eyebrows or when they apply lipstick they seem to only focus on what is inside and not so much the outside area. One of our stylist Anna has a fantastic tip to help highlight the lips and brows. She goes back and uses a little concealer or highlighting power with a flat round brush and goes under the brows to highlight their color and shape. She also takes a Q-Tip and cleans up the lips all to make sure they have that on point look!

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: There’s More in That Lipstick Tube Than You Think

As someone who discovers a product she loves and will use the same product till the day she dies; I know the pain and struggle of when your favorite product runs out and there is no time to run out and purchase another one or you’re on a budget. One of my most used products is lipstick and it always seems to “run out” at the worst possible moment. So that is why I am so happy to share this tip our stylist Amanda has found!
Amanda has found that when a lipstick tube appears to be useless because the lipstick has be used all the way down to the tube, this is when one would throw out the lipstick. Instead of doing this she suggests in taking a makeup spatula or the back of a makeup brush to scoop lipstick out of the tube. After doing this she has found that there is usually another half inch or so of lipstick in there! (Oh happy day!) You can put this lipstick in a small container and use a lip brush for application. A tip on storing the extra lipstick; make sure the container has a lid or a way to seal it from air because the lipstick will dry out.

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: DIY Lip and Cheek Tint

beets-soaking-in-waterCharly, our DIY queen has another great tip for us! Using beets as a lip and cheek tint.All you need to do is simmer coarsely diced pieces of a freshly peeled beets in 6oz of water for about 5-10 minutes. Strain the pieces of beet out of the water and then transfer the water into a small jar or a glass vessel. Charly suggests adding a tsp of rubbing alcohol for preservation.We learned from trying out this method for lip and cheek tint it was a little light for our preference. If you prefer a darker red like we do you can simmer the beet pieces longer to reduce the water and it intensify the color.

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Stained Lips

Babydoll Weddings Stylist Carina shares with us her tips for gorgeous lip color without lipstick!

Tired of lipstick maintenance and lip line migration? Try a lip stain covered with a lip gloss. There is no lip liner outline. You can usually omit lip liner altogether because stains are similar to coloring your lips with a marker.  Most stains can be diluted with a little water because they are water based. The wear is gradual. Try it today! 

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: The perfect New Year’s Eve Pout!

Your lips are an important part of your face. Babydoll stylist Amanda is sharing with us today just how to make them completely kissable, just in time for New Year’s Eve! 

First, you can make sure they are nice and soft with a simple lip scrub. Mix together a 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, and 1 teaspoon of honey. With your finger massage roughly a silver dollar size amount of this on your lips for 1 minute and then wipe off with a damp paper towel. Now your lips are already for vibrant color!

Start by making sure your lips are moisturized. Next, use a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick and fill in the entire lip, this will make sure your lip color stays on longer and doesn’t feather. Apply your lipstick as you normally would and then use a concealer brush with some concealer or foundation to go around the edges of your lip, making sure to blend. This will clean up any edges and also add some dimension to your lips. Now it’s time to take your perfect bright lip out on the town! 

Happy New Year’s Eve!!