Phoenix Bride and Groom 15th Anniversary!

Phoenix Bride and Groom just celebrated their 15 year anniversary and Babydoll Weddings was invited to do hair and makeup for the cover and centerfold! Set in the gardens of Boojum Tree, a chic boho wedding was set up and the models were dressed to the nines from Ted Baker and Schaffer’s. Babydoll Wedding stylists’ transformed Kendall’s long blonde hair into a beautiful loose fishtail braid and highlighted her eyes with beautiful browns and golds. We loved being a part of the anniversary celebration and loved working Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine!

Check out the article and more pictures on their website!

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Stretch Out Those New Shoes!

So you’ve bought the perfect shoes for the big day! But they fit a bit tight… and you know they will only feel tighter after being on your feet all day. How do you get those shoes broken in and slightly loose? Babydoll Weddings Stylist Micky has always had perfect luck with the following tip!

Take a small freezer bag, fill it with some water. Stick the bag in your shoes (after making sure it is completely sealed). Not 100% full, but enough to fit snug where you need a little extra wiggle room. Then place the shoes in the freezer until the water becomes ice (or even leave them over night). The next morning while you get ready for your day, put your shoes on and let them reshape to your foot. The material will have stretched just enough to give you a little more room.

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: How to Prep Your Hair for Your Trial & Wedding!

Ladies, you asked and we listened! We receive so many questions from our brides on how to best prep their hair for either their trial and/or their wedding. So many in fact that we turned to our lead stylist Micky and with her we put together a tutorial video just for you! 

If you have any questions for us, please let us know in the comments below! We hope this helps and look forward to making your dream wedding day look a reality!

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Concealer Tricks!

With all the wedding preparations have you lost some sleep? Are you now noticing that darkness under your eyes and wonder “how will I cover this up so no one can see them?” Did a little “friend” decide it wanted to join the party (a pimple)? Babydoll Weddings stylist Micky has the perfect solution for you! What you will need is simple, your original concealer and an orange or peach colored concealer will cover up those dark circles for you. You will only use a little bit of the orange colored concealer and mix it with your original color concealer and apply as normal. As for that pesky pimple, use a bit of the green concealer mixed with your original color concealer and also apply as normal. You will be amazed at how the combination of those two concealers will help you look awake and fresh for whatever you have coming up that day! Try it and let us know how it worked for you.