Phoenix Bride and Groom 15th Anniversary!

Phoenix Bride and Groom just celebrated their 15 year anniversary and Babydoll Weddings was invited to do hair and makeup for the cover and centerfold! Set in the gardens of Boojum Tree, a chic boho wedding was set up and the models were dressed to the nines from Ted Baker and Schaffer’s. Babydoll Wedding stylists’ transformed Kendall’s long blonde hair into a beautiful loose fishtail braid and highlighted her eyes with beautiful browns and golds. We loved being a part of the anniversary celebration and loved working Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine!

Check out the article and more pictures on their website!

Phoenix Bride & Groom: Winter/Spring 2015 – Part 2

Earlier this year, Babydoll Weddings was invited to be a part of a photoshoot for Phoenix Bride & Groom with the amazing Jasmine Star!! We had such a blast and cannot wait to share this second set of gorgeous images from that day!

continued from part one:
On the dark hair girl (model, Diana Elizabeth Steffen) since the theme for her setting was very colorful and I decided that a more sophisticated polished hair would be more suitable to balance things.

I loved how we were able to showcase some out of the box ideas, like a black wedding dress and still show elegant it could be.
After shooting the food, and table arrangements, we all got to enjoy and sample the treats. It was perfect to have a small break in between the shoots and get to know everyone a bit. Both model couples were newlyweds so the magic of the couples photos were great – a lot of joking around was had and they were super excited to have a second set of wedding photos!

Many thanks to all of the amazing vendors who made this shoot happen!

Jasmine Star : Photography
Babydoll Weddings : Hair & Makeup
Butterfly Petals : Floral Design
In The Now Weddings : Event Design
Piece of Cake : Wedding Cake & Desserts
Claire LaFaye : Dress

Phoenix Bride & Groom: Winter/Spring 2015 – Part 1

Earlier this year, Babydoll Weddings was invited to be a part of a photoshoot for Phoenix Bride & Groom with the amazing Jasmine Star!! We had such a blast and cannot wait to share the gorgeous images from that day!

Sabrina has this to say about the shoot:
It was such a great honor to be asked to be a part of shoot like this. I actually got the call on one of my days off and I was getting a pedicure. I had to pinch myself when they said Jasmine Star was the photographer – she is such a well known wedding photographer and I was so excited to be involved! 

Everyone involved worked so well together and was very laid back and comfortable. They were very open to my ideas on the hair and makeup so I was able to get creative. 

On the blonde model (Danielle Trushenski) I used extensions to create the longer braid. I was able to go a bit more edgy on the look because of the theme. I was so excited to see the ceremony site for this theme, Amanda at Butterfly Petals is a floral genius. When they first told me that the theme was taxidermy I cringed, but then when you see the details and how beautiful the antlers look with floral and stone added to it – its just amazing. 

Many thanks to all of the amazing vendors who made this shoot happen!

Jasmine Star : Photography
Babydoll Weddings : Hair & Makeup
Butterfly Petals : Floral Design
In The Now Weddings : Event Design
Piece of Cake : Wedding Cake & Desserts
Claire LaFaye : Dress
Saguaro Hotel Scottsdale : Venue

Phoenix Bride & Groom : Summer/Fall 2014 Issue

Babydoll Weddings was so thrilled to be invited back to do the hair and make-up for the Summer/Fall issue of Phoenix Bride & Groom! See more photos and the magazine cover after the jump!

Sabrina reflects, “I know it might sound corny, but I loved the entire creative team we worked with! Like the other vendors, everything was just so creative and well thought through. All of the vendors collaborated so well together, from choosing the actual dress based on the make-up. I also worked with the Maricopa Skills center, they had a bridal updo contest and the winner was able to join me at the photo-shoot to see behind the scenes.”

Phoenix Bride & Groom….We made the cover!

Look who made the cover of Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine! Babydoll Weddings is responsible for the hair on the cover of this season’s magazine! We were so excited to be able to take part in this fun photo shoot!

Most of you may not know this but it was the drive home from this photo shoot when Sabrina and Micky were in a car accident! We were lucky that Micky was okay, Sabrina however is still working towards recover after having a massive surgery on her wrist!  Here is Sabrina pre-accident, making our bride’s hair look amazing!

 Almost done, doesn’t it look great?
Let’s not forget about Micky! Our grooms need to look great too! While it may seem easy, it is not as easy as Micky makes it looks. 

Lookin’ good! 

These two did an amazing job and you can see the after pictures on the magazine link below! Thank you Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine for letting us participate in yet another great photo shoot! 
We would love for you to check out the full magazine here!
Happy reading!

Phoenix Bride & Groom : Winter/Spring 2013 Issue

In September, Babydoll Weddings was asked to do the hair for the cover shoot of the December issue of Phoenix Bride & Groom Magazine! Sabrina and Micky worked their magic on both the bride and groom’s hair. 
Check out the behind scenes photos and the cover!

What do you think, do you love the magic our stylists were able to create?