Rehearsal Dinner Fail!

One Ohio bride has one of those legendary wedding-day horror stories that seem to happen only in movies.

The couple had their rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where they first met. As a surprise gift, the restaurant gave them a big, beautiful tray of stone crabs, as congratulations. The next day, when the bride woke up, she had a very upset stomach but just attributed it to nerves.
It turned out in fact that she had food poisoning! At some point during her lengthy ceremony, she had to clamp her hand over her mouth. The priest noticed the bride’s actions and quickly finished the ceremony up, and the couple back up the aisle.

The bride made it to the back of the church and where she promptly vomited it all over her gown. The bride remarked, “It was a really small wedding, and everybody knew. I was mortified, but it was the highlight of everyone’s day.”

Story source: TODAY