Babydoll Weddings Beauty Secret: Terrible Habits For Your Skin

FaceHaving a good healthy skin care regime is something I strive and work for every day. And really it has gotten a lot better in the most recent years but there are still some bad habits that keep sticking around. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. The bad habits we talk about in this blog post are not the worst of the habits but are still terrible and two of them are the hardest for me to break. Read more below!


Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Fight the Shine!

Our wedding stylist Amanda always has amazing beauty tips and some of my favorites of her’s are the ones I can easily apply to my day to day life. Especially when I may be in a pinch and need a quick and easy fix to get me through until I can replenish whatever product I may be out of. And this tip has proved to help me out time and time again! 

Throughout the day we tend to get a bit shiny and we don’t always have those wonderful blotting sheets around to help. Most of us do, however, make it into Starbucks at least once or twice a week. Next time you’re in there pick up a few extra napkins. They work great as a blotting sheet when you’re in a pinch. Simply unfold the napkin and just like a blotting sheet, gently press onto your face in any area that may have a little too much shine for your taste. And ta-da! No more shine! 

Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Blotting Paper Tricks

During an Arizona summer it can be difficult to keep makeup from looking shiny when the temperature heats up. Stylist Amanda offers us some tips for combating the shine.

Blotting papers are a great way to keep the shine away instead of adding more and more powder, which can start looking caked on. If you don’t have any that’s OK too. Get a tissue and peel it apart into two thin sheets and press it across your face, you’ll be shine free once again!

Do you have any tricks up your beauty sleeve to combat shine? Share with us in the comments below!