Ask Sabrina: Beautiful Brows

Beautiful Brows

beautiful brows

Dear Sabrina:  How important are brows to your overall look?  I over-tweezed my brows and now they look sparse.  How can I make them look fuller before my wedding day?  – Browless Britney

Britney – I am so sorry that you over-tweezed your brows but just know that it happens to the best of us.  Oh are there some horror stories I could share with you!!  Let’s tackle your question in three parts.

How important are brows to your overall look?

I cannot stress enough how important they are to the overall look on your wedding day and just for everyday beauty. They are what frames the windows to your soul (your eyes). Having great brows, defined brows and well maintained brows is powerful and contributes to a ‘pulled-together’ look. As a makeup artist I am constantly asking my clients to grow them out so we can rehab the mistakes.

What tips can you give us for perfect brows?

The best tip that I can give you is put the tweezers away, let your brows grow for 4-6 weeks and give me a call to make a brow appointment. If you don’t have 4-6 weeks for regrowth, we can give you a brow tint to tint the hair and a little bit of the skin to give the illusion of hair. Also you can pick up any brow kit that will help you fill in your brows and make them more groomed. We love Urban Decay’s Brow Box – available at Urban Decay, Ulta and other beauty stores.

If our brows and lashes are sparse how can we help them to look fuller?

Eyebrow and eye lash tinting is great to give that illusion of fullness especially for eyebrows that are growing out. To encourage growth, try mixing castor oil and coconut oil together to create a custom lash and brow serum. Your brows will be healthy and fuller in no time.

xoxo Sabrina

Babydoll Weddings Beauty Secret: Don’t Sweat It!

don't sweat with powderHandle the Heat While Staying Fresh and Dry

Don’t sweat it, dolls!  As the temperatures begin to climb in AZ (can you say 96 degrees in mid-March #dolls?), we turned to our stylists for some simple tips to keep you fresh and dry on your big day, and the days leading up to and long after you walk down the aisle.  All you need is some baby or talcum powder, a large makeup brush, and a little help.  Simply brush a light coat of powder over your chest, back, underarms and any other area that may need attention (under the bust line or around your thighs).  Don’t be afraid to ask your maids for help reaching your back.  We all know they will do anything for you!  Now you are ready to dance the night away with your handsome husband.

Babydoll Weddings Beauty: The Importance Booking a Trial

A makeup and hair trial is a great way to make sure you get your makeup and hair the exact way you want it for your wedding. It’s a great time to get to know your stylist before the big day. It gives you time to make big decisions like do you prefer an up-do or to wear your hair down. Do you prefer traditional makeup or airbrush. It’s that kind of interaction and feedback with your stylist that will make you feel more confident when you meet again on your wedding date.


After getting your makeup and hair done go hang out in different light (afternoon, night), take pictures, and let friends see it. That way you can see what it will look like at different times, and in pictures and you’ll be even more excited about it!


Babydoll Weddings Beauty: Top 5 Best Beauty Products For a Destination Wedding or Honeymoon!

Whether you are planning on taking your honeymoon soon or have decided to have a destination wedding or even just a vacation, the experts at Babydoll Weddings are here to help in letting you know the best beauty products to take with you. No one wants to spend time on their hair and makeup on vacation so we have products that will save you time but still help you look your very best!

  1. Moisturizer/Primer:  Embryolisse is a favorite of the Babydoll Weddings stylist. We love it because it’s two products in one. It’s an amazi3064cd924b46b1d0c242e3c5467cae64ng face moisturizer but is also a primer. Using a primer before applying your foundation will ensure even and flawless coverage as well as helping your makeup last hours which is perfect for tropical/humid locations.
  2.  Dry Shampoo: This is a hair saver whether on vacation or a part of your day to day routine. If you don’t have the timDestination-Wedding-and-Honeymoon-Beauty-Products_Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_moroccanoil-dry-shampoo-e1467309701621e to wash your hair or for those who are so lucky, have been at the beach all day then spray into roots/scalp rub in and in no time at all your hair is ready to go. One of the brands we love is Moroccanoil. Their dry shampoo helps your hair feel fresh as well as providing volume!
  3. Waterproof Mascara: There is a high chance that your honeymoon, destination wedding or vacation will involve some water activity. Waterproof mascara is a staple for those moments where you do not want your mascara to run and these moments are perfect for it. Another great point of waterproof mascara is you can add a little bit more  to freshen up the lashes and add extra volume for a night out.
  4. Highlighter: To keep your newly married or vacation glow, use a highlighter or bronzer with shimmer in it. Apply this tDestination-Wedding-and-Honeymoon-Beauty-Products_Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Nars-highlighterso the upper part of your cheek bone, your upper lip under your nose and also the shins of your legs. One of the favorites is Nars Highlighers; they come in an array of colors with just the right amount of sparkle.
  5. Perfume Pens: When traveling I hate to bring my bottl460edfc71fca5848ad21faf7a31c2566es of perfume with me because they always need to be checked and I’m terrified of them being broken. In the last few years I have discovered the wonderful perfume pens that many retailers offer in an array of brands and scents. My favorite is Marc Jacobs Daisy, light and hints of floral make it a great fragrance for summer, destination weddings and honeymoons!

Friendor Friday: La Bella Bridal

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.38.57 PMA few years ago we had the pleasure of participating in a styled shoot (at Regency Gardens) with all of the dresses provided by La Bella Bridal. We were able to see the variety of dresses and designers they offer and our jaws kept dropping when a new dress was presented. Fast forward to today where we are more than happy to shine the Friendor Spotlight on La Bella Bridal! Read more about this boutique below.