Babydoll Beauty Secret: Best Beach Waves for Summer


As we entered into the warmer months we have been seeing beautiful blonde melts and long beachy waves. And as any one who has had their hair done, one of the most said comments is “I’ll never be able to do this at home” while I generally agree (I can’t curl my hair to save my life) I do know a great way to achieve beach waves at home.

The main secret to achieving this look is the prep you do to your hair right after shampooing. First you will need to use a very gentle hydrating leave in conditioner; my personal favorite is Lanza’s Keratin Bond 2. a16996d6a14a538122e75ae4ab81184bUse about a nickel size amount and scrunch into hair to work it in. Next you will want to use a light hold pomade. Most people will use this product if they have short hair and want to achieve a spikey or messy look but pomades can be used in longer hair too. But by using a dime size amount and rubbing into your hands and scrunching into the middle to ends of your hair it will help your hair retain hair memory and never be crunchy. If you were looking for more volume try scrunching more product in the areas of hair closest to your scalp.  0e59966de9f5a3c583fb47b2617dade5My favorite pomade to use is Biomega’s Text Me; has a great smell and the perfect amount of hold without making hair too sticky or greasy looking. The last step is let your hair air dry and viola beautiful beach waves (and in under 5 minutes)! And 794bc7525d2dee234f423fa8403345b0if you happen to have some pesky fly aways you can always finish it off with Moroccan Oil’s Smoothing Serum. Just make sure to really work into hands before applying to hair to avoid making your beach waves appear greasy.

Now you’re ready for summer (just don’t forget the sunscreen)!

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Babydoll Beauty Secrets: Beachy Waves

Now that summer is here, stylist Trish wanted to give us some tips on how to keep that gorgeous wave that most of us have but can very seldom keep once hair dries. 

‘The main way to do this is all on prepping your hair right after shampooing. First things first, you will need to use a very gentle hydrating leave-in conditioner, one of my favorites is the It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In.
For the best results to keep your texture, spray into hair and scrunch to work it in. The next product you will need is a light pomade; these usually come in a round container, my favorite is the Sebastian Molding Mud. Although products like these are normally associated with styling short hair into a spiky look, using it on longer wavy hair will help retain hair memory and they will never be crunchy. This product is applied by rubbing a half-dime-sized amount into your hands and scrunching into the middle to

ends of your hair. For added volume you can scrunch some more into the area of your hair closest to your scalp. The very last thing to do is to let it air dry, using a blow dryer will only undo the prep and cause it to go limp. When your hair dries, you should have beautiful beachy waves, if you want to smooth out some of the fly-aways, you can always finish with hair serum such as Moroccan oil, Paul Mitchel Super Skinny or anything along those lines. Just make sure to work into your hands before applying to hair to prevent hair from appearing greasy!’