Babydoll Beauty Secrets: The 5 Do Not Do’s!

static1.squarespace-645x430You’ve been planning for your big day for months and it’s almost here. It is so close you can see your future husband standing at the aisle and you can taste those tasty appetizers you so carefully chose. It’s all come down to that one night. There are some brides who may panic thinking about all of this (which is totally understandable) and with this they may do something drastic. Working in the industry I’ve seen them all. So with that I have created “Michelle’s Top 5 Do Not Do Before the Wedding List” to help those in need.

Number One: New Hairstyles
It is suggested not to try out that cute new bob hair cut or dusty pink color right before your wedding; no matter how fantastic your hair stylist may be. I suggest this because you do not want any surprises on your wedding day, especially with how you look. And you don’t want to end up hating the cut and not being able to go back or hating the color and not having the time to get it recolored. None of us want to look back at our wedding photos and ask ourselves “why did I ever do that?!”

Number Two: Too Many Cocktailseb2d65e073821fe8f0618d68aecf5780
A week before your wedding is generally filled with parties, celebrations and dinners; all of these probably will include cocktails of some sort (generally speaking of course). Of course you want to celebrate with your friends and family but just be careful with the amount of cocktails you have. Drinking can be a source of unwanted calories and can cause skin problems. Too much alcohol can cause you to feel bloated and not great after a late night of drinking and not enough sleep. Bloating and blemishes on the skin and dark circles from lack of sleep is the last thing you need on your big day!

Number Four: Say No To That Spray Tan
Don’t get me wrong I am all for spray tans and looking like that summer goddess. You get to glow without the fear of skin cancer, it’s great! It’s just not great a week before your wedding. If you’ve been working00fac5b7d9e86b5f779105160b9081b1g on your tan for the weeks leading up to the wedding please do not get frustrated and go get a spray tan. You could end up orange and streaky or it could react poorly with your skin and we want none of these things to happen!
Number Five: Eat a Sandwich
One of the last things you should put your body through is excessive dieting. Yes you may want to shed that one last pound before the honeymoon but starving your body and putting it through an extreme change a week before the wedding is not the way to do it. Your body needs the fuel that food can provide to keep you going through those last minute details. Eat as your normally would but it is probably best to stay away from foods that make you fee bloated and gassy. You want to look and feel beautiful on this big day and not gross and ballon like.
So there it is, my list of the 5 biggest “Do Not Do” before your wedding!

{Friday Fail} Bouquet Toss Fails

Where will the bouquet land? Nobody knows…

One tradition that seems to have some real “hits or misses” at weddings is the bouquet toss! It’s always fun to see whom will catch it, and whom will avoid catching it like the plague!

And then you have the “fails”, when the bouquet misses an expectant hand’s grasp, or the bouquet happens to fall apart in mid-air.

We have found a few examples of Bouquet Toss fails that you might enjoy:

This is a great shot of something we all can image as to “what will happen next”.  Poor girl didn’t see it coming! 

Beware of low ceilings & decorations when tossing those bouquets, ladies! Rather than your bff Darcy catching it, it might end up tangled in the chandelier! Or, you’ll likely catch it in your gorgeous coiffed hair! Ouch…

A DIY bouquet might look simple and dainty when walking down the aisle, and pair fabulously with your vintage heirloom dress.  However, when it comes to tossing the bouquet of fresh picked wild flowers, you might want to make sure your bouquet is intact, or else skip the “toss” all together and just hand it over to your MOH, like passing the torch.  

Finally, don’t let your bouquet come between friends! It’s just a bouquet! But the candids sure make for great story telling! 

Ready to LOL? Click here to view these on video.  

{Friday Wedding Fail} Cake Fails

A little humor for you this Friday: Cake fails! 

We have to laugh at things that have happened at weddings around the world.  Cakes can easily be over looked.  Here are some examples to always be sure to double check the work before you accept & pay for your wedding cakes! 
Enjoy the good laugh! 

Apparently this cake decorator did not get the memo the requested cake was for a wedding, but for a weeding your garden party?! 

This baker was clearly on auto-pilot to include the (bride)…where’s the quality control manager here?

Yikes! I see where the intention was, but wowzers! This bakery went in over their heads! I see the hand in the image, possibly attempting to fix? Not sure it would help, just hack the cake up into bits and nobody will know that it looked like this!!

Pretty and clean design…yet serious oversight on a simple message that is one of the most used worldwide! Someone had humor, possibly, and then someone didn’t pay attention that they, were again, on auto-pilot! 

Don’t fall victim to a cake fail at your wedding, dear friends! Have a great Friday and fabulous weekend ahead! 
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