Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Beauty Services

Is a deposit required?
Babydoll Weddings receives several inquiries throughout the year and dates fill up quickly, therefore, we require a $100 non-refundable deposit by credit card, as well as a signed contract, to secure services for your wedding date.
Do you charge to travel?

The first 30 miles of one-way drive distance from our location in Mesa is free. For events located further than 30 miles from our location, Travel Fees begin at $50 per artist, please reach out to us for more information about your specific event.

Can you accommodate large parties?

Yes, Babydoll Weddings has a large team of experienced and talented makeup artists that allow us to accommodate parties of any size. Large parties are always welcome!

Is there a service minimum required?
We do NOT require a minimum for a Babydoll Weddings stylist to come to you and your location.
Are the stylists licensed?
Yes, our freelance team is staffed with experienced, licensed cosmetologists and makeup artists. They all have the knowledge, expertise and innovative drive necessary to create the best hair design and makeup, which results in a professional, flawless look for you.
Are false lashes included?
Yes, false eyelashes are included in all makeup applications.
Do you travel to my location?

Yes! Babydoll Weddings will travel to wherever you’d like for your beauty services. Our artists come prepared with everything needed and ready to make you beautiful.

What should I expect during my trial?

Trials are important not only for you as the bride, but for your stylist as well. It gives your freelance stylist the opportunity to gain knowledge of your hair texture and pliability. This will help them learn what products work best with your hair to ensure they produce your desired look, as well as making sure the style lasts for your special day.

During this one-and-a-half-hour to two-hour appointment, your lead freelance stylist will style your hair and/or apply makeup as they will for the wedding day. You can contact us to schedule your trial at any time. However, we recommend scheduling the trial about 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding day. We also recommend that you schedule your trial run for a day when you have a party or social event to attend later. Due to limited seating please do not bring your wedding party with you unless previously discussed with the bridal liaison.

Bring any and all hair accessories/veils you may want shop the many hair accessories we offer in person to complete your look. Please arrive for your appointment on time and with a clean face with only moisturizer, without SPF (unless otherwise discussed).

On the day of your trial, as well as your wedding day, please come with hair fully blow-dried. Be sure to add either mousse or gel before blow-drying. We suggest wearing a button-down shirt to make changing outfits an easier task. If having your hair blow dried is something you would like on your trial and day of wedding, it can be added to your invoice for an additional charge. Arriving to day of services with wet hair that had not been previously discussed will result in a fine to be collected on site as unplanned services will hinder the agreed upon timeline.

Your appointment will begin with a thorough consultation with a Babydoll Weddings Freelance Stylist. We encourage you to bring any pictures of hair and/or makeup that you are considering for your special day. You can also send them to us here.

When you leave your trial, we recommend you try on your dress or something in similar style/color. If at that point, there are any changes that you would like to see in your hair and/or makeup, please feel free to contact us so that we can update our notes in your file and prepare for those changes.

What is the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup?
Airbrush makeup is makeup that is applied in a fine mist through use of an airbrush machine. We use a silicone based product, which is most like our skin, that helps create even and flawless coverage. This allows for a light-to-full coverage application without feeling like there is a lot of makeup on your face, while giving skin a beautifully natural finished result. It can be applied on anyone, even men. Airbrush makeup is sweat resistant and will last for up to 12 hours.

Traditional makeup is usually in the form of a liquid or cream and applied with a foundation brush or makeup sponge. You can achieve medium to full coverage with it as well. Traditional makeup can last anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

Do you offer hair accessories?
Yes, we are partnered with Hair Comes the Bride to offer a variety of hair accessory options. You can view samples during your trial and purchase from our affiliate directly. You can also rent or purchase hair extensions from Babydoll Weddings. Please inquire with one of our freelance stylists for further information and details.
What products do the stylists use?
Babydoll Weddings artists and freelance stylists do not restrict themselves to just one product line, but use a wide variety of the best products to complement the individual’s skin type and tone.
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check, Zelle and all major Debit and Credit Cards through our online invoicing system. Full payment is due 30 days prior to the date of your event, any additional services added the day of will need to be paid via our online invoicing system before those services can be provided.

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