Freelance Stylist’s Resource

As a Babydoll Weddings Freelance Stylist here is a suggested outline of how to submit paperwork from contracted weddings and events. This is just a suggestion and if you have your invoicing system we encourage and accept that as well. 

Trial Notes

Trial Notes

Freelance Billing

1099-Tier 1 1099-Tier 2 1099-Tier 3

Admin Duties

Employee Billing

W2-Tier 1 W2-Tier 2 W2-Tier 3

Agreement Billing

W2 1099

  • Upon completing contracted Hair and/or Makeup Trial Services, please fill out the Trial Notes by clicking the button above. Upload the trial photos by using the “File Uploader” on the form. Once you are finished please hit “submit”. Using this form is suggested so you can have a reference of services on the wedding day. 

  • If there were any updates the bride needs to make, please communicate necessary changes to the Bridal Liaison.

  • Upon completing any and all contracted Hair and/or Makeup Services for Babydoll Weddings, you will need to submit an invoice. Please feel free to use our HMUA Invoice above. 

Contracted Booking Guidelines

  • Freelance Stylists give availability to the Bridal Liasion.
  • Freelance Stylists accept jobs by accepting the Google Calendar invite for trials, weddings, and events through Babydoll Weddings.
  • You will receive a Purchase Order confirming the contracted pay and number of services for the job you have accepted.
  • If there are scheduling issues, or you cannot accept the job please call/email the Bridal Liaison as soon as possible so she can reassign the job to another stylist.
  • Please send us your invoice for the jobs performed or use our online Event Invoice. All invoices must be received by Saturday at midnight. Accounts Payable is run bi-weekly and you will receive payment for all Event Invoices submitted at this time.
  • If you are performing services on a bride you will access to the brides information and trial notes through the designated Dropbox folder. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the bride and their services by using the trial notes and their services.
  • We suggest meeting the other freelance stylists before entering into the room where the bride and wedding party are. Entering the room together ensures professionalism.
  • If gratuity is received in cash on site, we suggest splitting it in a fair manner between all stylists. It is not Babydoll Weddings resposibility to report your cash gratuity.
  • For the most part all freelance stylists will arrive at the same time; they will complete their services they have been contracted for and then once they have done their touch ups and ensure their clients are happy they are free to leave. On some weddings freelance stylist will be done at the same time, other weddings some freelance stylists will be leaving at different times based on their contracted services.