Where will the bouquet land? Nobody knows…

One tradition that seems to have some real “hits or misses” at weddings is the bouquet toss! It’s always fun to see whom will catch it, and whom will avoid catching it like the plague!

And then you have the “fails”, when the bouquet misses an expectant hand’s grasp, or the bouquet happens to fall apart in mid-air.

We have found a few examples of Bouquet Toss fails that you might enjoy:

This is a great shot of something we all can image as to “what will happen next”.  Poor girl didn’t see it coming! 

Beware of low ceilings & decorations when tossing those bouquets, ladies! Rather than your bff Darcy catching it, it might end up tangled in the chandelier! Or, you’ll likely catch it in your gorgeous coiffed hair! Ouch…

A DIY bouquet might look simple and dainty when walking down the aisle, and pair fabulously with your vintage heirloom dress.  However, when it comes to tossing the bouquet of fresh picked wild flowers, you might want to make sure your bouquet is intact, or else skip the “toss” all together and just hand it over to your MOH, like passing the torch.  

Finally, don’t let your bouquet come between friends! It’s just a bouquet! But the candids sure make for great story telling! 

Ready to LOL? Click here to view these on video.