Friendor Friday Spotlight: Elizabeth Douglas Photography

We are fortunate to have an amazing tribe of vendors that we work with to create dream weddings for our clients.  Every other Friday we will spotlight one of our vendor friends, or friendors.  These amazing artists are in the trenches with us.  They battle deadlines, work in the blaring sun, walk an average of ten miles on event days and more.  We do this because we all love making people’s dreams come true.  When you need of a photographer, caterer, florist, planner, venue, videographer, etc. we hope you will entrust one of our amazing friendors.  We think they are rather spectacular!

What is your name and the name of your business? Maria Elizabeth Fossler, Owner and Lead Photographer at Elizabeth Douglas Photography

wedding photographer elizabeth douglas photography friendor friday

How long have you been in business? We have been a formal business sine 2012 for 5 amazing years!

pet photography elizabeth douglas photography friendor friday

What is your favorite part of your job? I’m a people person, so I LOVE connecting with people and making them feel good about themselves…straight out of the camera! Having fun and conversing during a session and making people smile makes life complete!

“Who Doesn’t Love LOVE?”

What is your favorite par of the wedding industry? Who doesn’t love LOVE? My husband and I (the Douglas portion of the business, and my second shooter), love LOVE stories. Capturing the LOVE in a couple’s eyes, in their touch, and seeing the love in everyone else’s smiles during a wedding makes it all worth the lugging around of gear and constantly having a camera up to our faces! Whether it’s a Mr & Mrs wedding, a Mrs & Mrs, or Mr & Mr…we believe in love, and love capturing it!.

friendor friday elizabeth douglas photography headshots and portraits

What is your favorite memory being in business? Wow, that’s not a fair question…our favorite memory. For me, I have two. The first happened during a boudoir session where a group of friends had gotten together to participate in some specials I was having. They all hung out as each person took their turn having their photo taken. A woman about my age went first. Now, I say my age, as she was a mom of older teens/adults (at the time), and was a bit unsure about the whole boudoir thing. When I showed her an image from my camera of her, her eyes brimmed with tears and I got the most sincerest Thank You ever…along with a, “I can’t believe that’s me!” Another of my favorite memories was capturing the birth of one of our wedding couple’s daughter. It was something I will never forget, and I still tear up looking at the images!

elizabeth douglas photography family portraits friendor friday

Is there anything new or on the horizon for you? We’re excited to announce that we are moving into doing more corporate work, including head shots at our new location in Tempe! We would love to give you a new updated headshot! Mention Babydoll Weddings and we will give you a discount!