We have had th10423956_10153865870199020_4657023760632592594_ne pleasure of being preferred vendors and Friendors with Piece of Cake for a few years now. The cakes they create are so creative and delicious and are also served or delivered with a smile. They are always a joy to work with whether on weddings, styled shoots or at open houses and we’re always excited when we see their name at whatever event we’re going to be too! Read more below about this awesome cake company!

What is your name and the name of the business?12063570_10153627639314020_6307992695611475097_n
My name is Kevin Kossman and my company is Piece of Cake Desserts

How long have you been in business?
We opened the company in 2002 making mostly party cakes and cookies for a Banner Health contract but in 2004 we really dedicated ourselves to being wedding cake specialists.

What is your favorite part of your job?
We are a cake shop, and people love cake! 🙂 I’m not a bill collector or a mechanic bringing you bad news about your car, I am usually bringing cake! Nobody is ever upset with the person that brings them a well decorated, delicious cake. Heck, most people are ecstatic with delicious ugly cakes 😉

What is yo13315281_10154130278474020_2409969263653772078_nur favorite part of the wedding industry?
We get to work with people that are in the happiest part of their lives! That is the absolute best! Many years ago, I worked in sales in the telecommunications industry. Even if I personally did a good job, if our company was having service issues and I was the guy that sold them the service, so they were mad at ME! From telecom to the wedding business is like night and day and I am thankful every day for the great couples we get to work with!13427741_10154157392999020_8132197224387042463_n

What is your favorite memory being in business?
I would have to say my favorite memory was being able to hire our first employee. We did a great job before we added to our staff but I always felt that hiring a 2nd decorator made us a better option than when we just had only a single decorator, and it provide13613129_10154216075694020_6821102852557234874_od us the much needed backup in the case of a car accident or family emergency. Now I am happy to say that we have 4 experienced decorators that all have amazing decorating range, which allows to to match the right decorator with their best wedding cake style.

Is there anything new or exciting on the horizon for you?
Expansion! We are very fortunate to have dozens of wonderful venue partners and it seems like every month we get contacted by venues looking to add us to their wedding packages or preferred vendor lists. We are really growing and we are now starting to discuss sites for a 2nd location that will allow to to service more venues even more efficiently.

Thank you so much for sharing Kevin!
We can’t wait to see what you do with this potential second site!