What is “simple” bridal makeup?

Every week when we receive bridal inquiries, we are asked for “simple makeup”.  What that usually means is that the bride is looking for makeup that looks natural, not over done, and doesn’t look/feel heavy or cakey.  Here’s a little secret…Natural makeup is NOT simple.  If it were simple, anyone would be able to do it.  In fact, doing the “no makeup, makeup” look takes about the same amount of time and work, if not more, than any other makeup application.

Creating a natural look that will last hours through happy tears, kisses, hugs, dancing AND comes through in photos beautifully is no easy feat.  The makeup look below gets a lot of comments and we are often asked to re-create this look or something like it.  Most comments consist of:

“Her skin looks so flawless”
“She looks so natural, I want that”
“I love that her lips are natural yet have color at the same time”

natural wedding makeup arizona babydoll weddings

? credit: April Maura

This natural look took about 45 minutes to create.  The true secret is in finding the right neutral colors to accentuate you natural glow so that you don’t look ‘made up’.

To achieve the best experience and results, don’t just tell your makeup artist you want simple makeup.  Perhaps try communicating that you want your makeup to look natural.  Be honest, if you wear little to no makeup, tell them.  If you’re contacting someone who has been doing this for a long time and knows what they’re doing, they’ll know exactly what you mean, will able to work with you and do the exact look that you want.

Want to try to achieve this at home? Concealer is a must and blend, blend, blend your shadows so that you cant tell where one color stops and the next starts. Be sure to choose a color that is two shades darker than your skin tone. As for lips and cheeks, light pinks, peaches and sands are best to achieve a neutral, natural pout.

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