Imagine being in your best friend’s wedding. It’s just about to start and everyone looks so beautiful waiting in the limousine to be escorted into the ceremony hall by their bridal party counter part. Sounds perfect right? Well, not for this bridal party! As they sat in the limousine outside of the church, a man came to the driver’s side window and knocked out the glass, threatening everyone inside. The party jumped out of the limousine in their dresses, holding their flowers and watched as the limo drove away.

This all happened seconds before they were to be escorted in and walk down the aisle before their dear friends tied the knot. They did not tell the bride or groom until after the ceremony had completed. When everyone exited the church, they were greeted by the limousine driver, caution tape and policemen. The limousine was found soon after the ceremony, abandoned and unscratched from the hijacker. Luckily no one was hurt!

Story Source: DailyMail