Earlier this year, Babydoll Weddings was invited to be a part of a photoshoot for Phoenix Bride & Groom with the amazing Jasmine Star!! We had such a blast and cannot wait to share this second set of gorgeous images from that day!

continued from part one:
On the dark hair girl (model, Diana Elizabeth Steffen) since the theme for her setting was very colorful and I decided that a more sophisticated polished hair would be more suitable to balance things.

I loved how we were able to showcase some out of the box ideas, like a black wedding dress and still show elegant it could be.
After shooting the food, and table arrangements, we all got to enjoy and sample the treats. It was perfect to have a small break in between the shoots and get to know everyone a bit. Both model couples were newlyweds so the magic of the couples photos were great – a lot of joking around was had and they were super excited to have a second set of wedding photos!

Many thanks to all of the amazing vendors who made this shoot happen!

Jasmine Star : Photography
Babydoll Weddings : Hair & Makeup
Butterfly Petals : Floral Design
In The Now Weddings : Event Design
Piece of Cake : Wedding Cake & Desserts
Claire LaFaye : Dress