What were your wedding colors?
Blush and gold.

How many bridesmaids did you have?

I had 5 bridesmaids.

Where did you find your dress? Was finding the dress a difficult process or relatively easy?
I found my gorgeous dress at Uptown Bridal in Chandler, AZ. I shopped at a couple other bridal boutiques first and tried on maybe 20 dresses in total. I had an idea of the style of dress that I
 initially wanted, but after trying on all those dresses, I completely changed my mind! My dress was not what I had in mind at first, but after visiting the store a couple times and trying it on multiple times, I knew it would be the best choice for me, and that it would be such a memorable and beautiful dress. I am happy it wasn’t too stressful of an experience!

Where did your ceremony and reception take place? Was there any meaning to the choice of venue(s)?
We had both our ceremony and reception at the Clayton on the Park in Scottsdale. We had actually booked our event at Inspirador in downtown Chandler, a couple weeks before they announced their foreclosure… We were really upset, but it was a blessing in disguise because we found the Clayton and fell in love with the space. We really wanted a unique, nontraditional wedding space, and the Clayton is super modern, clean and elegant, and different from a lot of wedding venues.

What flowers did you choose for your bouquet and throughout the wedding? 
I love roses, so we went with full roses bouquets of white and dusty pink colors. 

What was the flavor of your cake?
We put up a full dessert bar with assorted treats for our guests, so we had just a tiny cake for Anthony and I. It was a white cake with Bavarian cream and strawberries. 

Did you provide favors to your guests? If so, what were they, and what was the meaning behind them?
We didn’t do table favors 🙂 I’ve never found little favors to be very meaningful so we decided to skip it, and spend our money on the party!

Is there a detail that you had at your wedding that makes it unique? (alternative guest book, charitable donations, handmade décor, etc)
We did a wine box ceremony during the wedding ceremony. Before the wedding, we each wrote a letter to each other, signed and sealed in envelopes. During the ceremony we dropped the letters in a special box with a bottle of wine, and sealed the box. This box is to be opened on our 5th wedding anniversary (or our first big fight), when we can read the letters to each other and enjoy the wine together and remember this wonderful day 🙂

What was your pick for “first dance” with your husband? Is there meaning to the song selection?We chose “All of Me” by John Legend. It really is the perfect love song, and describes loving someone with all you have, and giving your whole self to that person. 

Any favorite moments that stand out in the day? We know the obvious is
marrying your husband. 🙂 
We really loved all the speeches. My dad’s was heartfelt and meaningful, and the best man/maid of honor had everyone cracking up. The most special part about that day (besides getting married) is having all of your most loved family and friends all in one place together!

Did you take a honeymoon? If so, where did you go?
We went to Kauai and it was BEAUTIFUL!

What is one piece of advice you will leave for future brides?
Do your research on photo poses. Give your photographers a shot list of any special pictures or people you want pictures with. 

Please list any vendors you wish to mention.
I loved all my vendors! They helped bring everything together so I didn’t have to worry about one thing on my wedding day! Thank you to Micky and Babydoll Weddings for the gorgeous makeup and hair, Uptown Bridal for my amazing dress, Johnny Martinez our minister, Brad Nielsen of Starz Entertainment – our awesome DJ, Flowers by Jodi for the beautiful centerpieces and bouquets, and Claire Loeb, our coordinator at the Clayton who was with us every step of the way!
Photography credit: Jason + Anna Photography