What were your wedding colors?

Cream and burnt orange.

How many bridesmaids did you have?
Just one.

Where did you find your dress? Was finding the dress a difficult process or relatively easy?
I got my dress at David’s Bridal. I originally found the dress in a bridal magazine. However, it was kind of hard to find on a store.

Where did your ceremony and reception take place? Was there any meaning to the choice of venue(s)?
Both reception and ceremony were at the Phoenix Zoo. Ceremony was in the Savannah Pointe and reception in the Ruby House. Not so much meaning, as we wanted something unique and outdoors.

What flowers did you choose for you bouquet and throughout the wedding?
We had many different flowers in the bouquets.The main flowers were Gerber daisies.
What was the flavor of your cake?
The top flavor was pink champagne with cream cheese and the bottom layer was marble with fudge.

Did you provide favors to your guests? If so, what were they, and what was the meaning behind them?
We had a poem written on baskets to thank our guests for being apart of our big day and our future. The baskets were filled with different types of gummy and hard candies.

Is there a detail that you had at your wedding that makes it unique?
Everything we had was made by hand. Instead of having a guest book, I found a red rusted tin “R” and had all the guests sign it with a sharpie marker. This we have hung by our front door. We also took mason jars and lined the jars with glitter, then wrapped ribbon on the top and put candles inside so they would glow in the dark.

What was your first dance song? Was there meaning to the song selection?
John legend, it describes us well. We are not perfect but love each other

Any favorite moments that stand out in the day? We know the obvious is marrying your husband. 🙂 

We were married on my father’s birthday, which he also passed away on. So it was very special to me.

Did you take a honeymoon? If so where did you go?
No, we are waiting until next year.

What is one piece of advice you will leave for future brides?
Plan ahead. Don’t let yourself get stressed out.