This time around our Babydoll Weddings real bride is Erica! This was such a fun and beautiful group! We enjoyed every minute helping them with this special day. See what gorgeous touches Erica put together for her big day.

 What were your wedding colors?
Eggplant and line green. Since I didn’t want our bridal party to have a Mardi Gras theme, the groom and groomsman had custom Nike Shoes in lime green 🙂 

 How many bridesmaids did you have?
I had a total of 5 bridesmaids.

Where did you find your dress? Was finding the dress a difficult process or relatively easy?  
I found my dress at Suzanne’s Bridal in Gilbert. Finding my dress was relatively easy process due to all the hours of  “Say Yes To The Dress” and wonderful consultants at Suzanne’s Bridal.Also, along with the help of my mom and bridesmaids.

Where did your ceremony and reception take place?Was there any meaning to the choice of venue(s)?
We chose to have our ceremony and reception at the Secret Garden. After touring 16 other venues, we walked through the Secret Garden property and saw the beautiful lawn,bridal suit and reception pavilion, we knew it was perfect for our big day! 

What flowers did you choose for your bouquet along with boutonnieres?
The center pieces for the reception were simple and left tot he florist because I was struggling with a vision of what I was wanting and she did and incredible job! 

What were the flavors of your cake?
We had a three-tier cake so the top and bottom layers were red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the middle layer was chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting! YUM! 

Did you provide favors to your guests? If so, what were they, and what was the meaning behind them? 
Since we had a sparkler exit, we provided match boxes that said “Perfect Match, Erica & David 1.12.14” as a small keepsake. We chose the matches to compliment our sparklers and many of our guests collect matches from wherever they travel. We also had Lifesaver mints with a sticker on them that said “Mint to Be, Erica and David”. Just something cute 🙂 

Is there any detail you had at your wedding that makes it unique? (alternative guestbook, charitable donations,  handmade decore, ect.)
Since David and I have been together almost 8 years before we were married, choosing  a few photos throughout our years together to serve as a guestbook so that after the wedding we could display it in our home. Also, instead of the typical sand or unity candle ceremony, David and I chose to have a hand-fasting ceremony. Hand-fasting is how the phrase “tying the knot” came to be and we loved the significance it held for us. 

What was your first pick for “first dance” with your husband? Is there meaning to the song selection? 
Our first dance song was Snow Patrol- “Chasing Cars”. Since we began dating in high school (high school sweeties), this was always “our song” throughout our relationship.Whenever we hear the song (even still)  we smile 🙂 . 

Any favorite moments that standout in the day? We know the obvious is marrying your husband 🙂 .
There were many comical moments during our wedding. The first was after my dad walked me down the aisle and was about to hand me off to David, my dad lifted my blusher but not enough to keep it with the veil and it fell back in front of my face (great comic relief in a nervous time). Second, during the garter toss, I remember thinking “Why is he taking so long for him to grab the garter with his teeth?” He emerged from under my dress with a large pair of lime green underwear! Busting up laughing, he later told me that he had the underwear in his suit jacket pocket the entire day! Lastly, as we are cutting the cake and attempting to serve our piece so we can feed each other, server handing busted! We had to grab the sliver of cake with our hands. Hilarious!
Did you take a honeymoon? If so where did you go? 
We left for our honeymoon early the next morning and we were lucky enough to go to Turks and Caicos! Gorgeous turquoise waters and white sand beaches! 

What is one piece of advice you will leave for future brides?
Live in the moment! The planning process is stressful and the smallest detail seems extremely important yet on the big day, its chaotic and goes extremely fast so take it all in!

Please list and venders you wish to mention.
Big thanks to The Secrete Garden, Sharfo’s Catering, Santa Barbara Bartending, Fred’s Flowers, Suzanne’s Bridal Boutique, Ryan Topping Photography, Ingram Entertainment and Gold Star Executive Transportation. Everyone played a part in our perfect day 🙂