We love getting new stylists here at Babydoll Weddings, and this month we would LOVE to introduce Madyson to you! She’s a fireball who loves her pup and actively participates every year as a makeup artist in New York during fashion week! Jealous yet? Check out more about what makes Madyson after the jump!

What is your one must-have accessory that you cannot leave the house without? 
I can’t leave the house without filling in my eyebrows.

What is your favorite color? 
As a makeup artist, this may sound funny, but my favorite color has always been gray. Makeup wise, I love painting blue onto eyelids.

What is your favorite flower? 

What is your music preference? Any particular bands or singers you are loving at this
I will always love Frank Sinatra. Sara Bareilles is my favorite current singer.

Any interesting reads that you can’t put down? 
I love reading any articles on health or psychology. 

Any funny nicknames people call you?
 “Mady Moo Moo” from my Aunt.

When you aren’t in the salon or at weddings making brides pretty, what do you enjoy doing? Playing with my Great Dane at home or Zumba!

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? Will you be going back? 
New York is fun to travel to. I do New York Fashion Week makeup, so yes, I will be going again!

What was the last movie you saw? 
Interstellar. It was amazing!

What is your favorite nail polish color? 
Baby pink to compliment my skin tone. Anything else is too noticeable when it starts to crack.