It is my pleasure to introduce Sam, one of our new hair stylist!
She is a spunky and energetic and loves making brides look and feel their best! Learn more below!
What is your one must-have accessory that you cannot leave the house without? 
I cannot leave the house without my beloved black sun glasses. They were like 6 bucks at forever 21, but they have these round lenses and I like to think I look so hip, mod, and am from the 70s.
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite flower?

What is your music preference? Any particular bands or singers you are loving at this moment? 
I really dig all types of music, but my favorite type of music that I can listen to, and never ever get tired of, would have to be anything from 1940’s to 1970’s. Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Ella Fitzgerald type stuff.
Any interesting reads that you can’t put down? 
I read A LOT! Right now I am reading, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Other Lessons from the Crematory. It sounds super morbid but since I am going to school for mortician sciences to become an embalmer, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s actually the funniest book I have ever read.
Any funny nicknames people call you?
Some call me Samuelson (like a spin-off of Danielson in karate kid) or Samuelita.
When you aren’t in the salon or at weddings making brides pretty, what do you enjoy doing?
If you can’t find me in the salon, just go look in my kitchen and you will probably find me because I love to bake. I have a dream to open my own bakery or have a food truck but for pastries.
What is your favorite place you have traveled to? Will you be going back?
My favorite place I have ever traveled to would be Germany. I am definitely going back. I am taking German this year as one of my college classes because I have always wanted to move there and work as a bar maiden.
What was the last movie you saw? 
The last movie I saw was Mad Max. I thought it was going to be awful, but then I ended up seeing it five times in theaters.
What is your favorite nail polish color?
My favorite nail polish color is a bright pink or coral. I own a couple of each color because I like to think they somehow are slightly different in color but they are honestly the exact same and I am just a nail polishaholic and need a reason to justify my excessive nail polish buying.