Covering Your Tattoo

What to Do Before Babydoll Weddings Covers Your Tattoo

  • Make sure skin is clean and free of any lotions or added oils.
  • It is very important that the area of tattoo is SHAVED. Not shaving over the tattoo will decrease the quality of the cover up.
  • A Babydoll Weddings stylist will apply the necessary colors of the dura base airbrush make-up to cover the desired tattoo.
  • The tattoo cover up could last up to 4 days with proper care and maintenance.
  • Our coverup is a Dura-based product that will not smear or transfer onto clothing.

Things That May Shorten the Life of the Concealer

  • Not covering the area with powder when the area is wet.
  • Coming in contact with alcohol, as alcohol removes the makeup. (This also includes consumption of alcohol as you sweat it out.)

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo Cover-Up

  • Add talc powder or baby powder before and after sleep, as well as when showering or performing any physical activity.
  • Avoid soaps, lotions and oils on the covered area.
  • Pat dry the area if wet, DO NOT RUB! It will remove the cover-up.

How to Remove the Tattoo Cover-Up

  • Take a cotton ball and add 70-percent alcohol or baby oil.
  • Rub until the tattoo is revealed and all makeup has been removed.
  • Wash area and moisturize as normal.

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