On Your Wedding Day

Babydoll Weddings is so excited to be a part of your big day!

All of your hard work and planning is quickly coming together. On this day you will want to make sure you follow some very important guidelines to ensure your hair and/or makeup wishes are what you want and also so you are done on time to say “I Do”!

Your Hair

Whether you shower the night before or that morning, while your hair is still damp, add mousse or gel to your hair. If you have not previously scheduled a professional blow-dry as part of your wedding day services, continue to blow dry the hair straight back using a round or paddle brush (unless previously given different instructions from your Babydoll Weddings Lead Stylist). If you would like professional prepping products to relieve the stress of the guessing game, remember that we do have our traveling kits in the salon for you to purchase. They are also great to take on your honeymoon.

Your Makeup

Please apply a face moisturizer without SPF to help keep your skin moisturized (unless previously given different instructions from your Babydoll Weddings Lead Stylist). Don’t forget to wear a button up shirt so that when you go to change into your dress you don’t have to worry about messing up your gorgeous hair or makeup. Receiving a facial 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding day will also ensure the best glow, even skin tone, and easier application of makeup.

If Babydoll Weddings is traveling to you, there are a few things we would like to make sure are available for us:

Mirrors: mirrors are needed to make sure the style of hair is done to the best of our ability. Your artist will provide a small handheld mirror, however, it is helpful to have the bride facing a larger mirror to ensure symmetry of the desired hairstyle.    

  • Chairs: low back chairs are necessary for hair services so that we have the utmost access to the person’s hair.
  • Good Lighting: we need all hair and makeup to be in visible light to match the wants/needs of the bride and all wedding party members. Natural light is preferred for makeup services.
  • Outlets: whatever area you will be getting ready in we will require outlets for flatirons, curling irons, airbrush machines, etc.

do you need additional services?: any and all of the following services must be scheduled no less than 30 days prior to day of services. to add any services, please contact our Beauty Liaison at beauty@babydollweddings.com

  • Blow dry: We ask that you arrive with clean and dry hair, however, a blow dry service can be added prior to your day of services for an additional fee of $25. 
  • Extensions: Extensions can be rented or purchased to achieve your dream look for your big day. If you own your own extensions and would like them professionally prepped and installed, these services can be added prior to your day of services for a fee of $25.
  • Tattoo Cover-up: A tattoo cover-up may be added prior to day of services. Please email your bridal liaison images of the tattoo you would like to cover-up for an estimate and to schedule a tattoo cover-up trial. 

If you are traveling to the salon to have your services done

Be sure you schedule enough time for travel to and from the salon. It is very important that you arrive on time. Our Beauty Liaison has scheduled you for the amount of time it takes to complete your hair and/or makeup and we need every minute to make sure we get you to your ceremony and/or photo location on time. Our studio salon is happy to provide you with coffee, water, and soft drinks. Our studio has limited seating so we ask that you limit your guests to only one person. 

We understand that there may be a need for others to speak with you for any last minute details, but we would appreciate if you limit the use of your cell phone and interruptions to a minimum while our artists are doing your bridal hair and/or makeup. Our Beauty Liaison makes every effort to ensure a specific timeline for client services is maintained. Therefore, we ask that you respect these timelines by ensuring all wedding party members receiving services arrive at or before the initial start time listed on the timeline.

Please contact us with any questions.