Babydoll Weddings stylist Charly has some words of wisdom for us this week:

When it comes to weddings, people tend to focus solely on the bride in when prepping and pampering. But don’t forget your groom, he will love the extra attention to make him feel his absolute best on the best day ever! 

  1. Use a long lasting body wash that has a fresh scent. It will not be too over powering like cologne sometimes is and will leave him smelling divine.
  2. For freshly trimmed nails, have him cut his nails while in the shower or right after he gets out. The moisture will soften the nail, making it easier to clip and eliminates the need for him to file the nail afterwards.
  3. Your groom can enhance his facial features by grooming his eyebrows with techniques such as waxing or tweezing (once a month is more than enough).
  4. For a smoother shave, have him use a hot towel before shaving and having him leave his shaving gel on for a few minutes longer. This will result in his hair softening and making it easier to shave. It will also add moisture to his skin. Splurge on a luxurious after shave to cool the skin after shaving.